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TVB's Weekly Television Performance Metrics

The May ’16 sweeps are upon us, with all-new finales, specials and sporting events. Our featured market this week is Fargo-Valley, ND.

Mother's Day 2016

TVB's Mother's Day Analysis
TVB's analysis of Mother’s Day gift shopping and TV viewing.

Nielsen Comparable Metrics Report Q4, 2015

Nielsen’s Comparable Metrics Report helps provide clarity in the form of “apples to apples” metrics designed to address media researcher's critical questions.

Nielsen Local Watch Report April, 2016

Live TV still makes up the bulk of how we watch.

Local Interconnect Penetration

Updated guide to market-by-market reach for local cable and local interconnects.

Programmatic TV Guidelines and Best Practices

A living document maintained as an open and collaborative effort between broadcasters, advertising agencies, rep firms, aggregators and platform providers.
People News
The people making moves into industry leadership.
The Voter Funnel Study
A new study from GfK shows how advertising on local broadcast TV remains the most impactful way to talk to voters. TV drives political discussions and propels voters to learn more—and to act.
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“Making the transition from a primary to a general election is like moving from cable to a major network. In a primary, you’re niche-casting to intense fans. In November, there are more rewards for getting a lot of people to like you a little bit. Not everyone can scale up successfully.” —James Poniewozik, TV Critic, New York Times

Feature Commentary

 Andrea Duggan, VP, Media Sales, Gamut  
Local Is Key Ad Drive In Presidential Election —Andrea Duggan,VP, Media Sales, Gamut
Broadcaster Briefing
Articles and announcements about Broadcast Television Companies.

Industry News

Yikes! 74% of Millennials and GenZs Hate Social Media Ads

A recent Harris Poll commissioned by Lithium Technologies found Millennials and GenZs really dislike being advertised to in social media feeds.

WideOrbit, 4C Add Social to Programmatic

Ad tech company WideOrbit said it is using social data from 4C to improve audience targeting in programmatic TV buying.

YouTube Said to Plan ‘Unplugged’ Online TV Service for 2017

YouTube is working on a paid subscription service called Unplugged that would offer customers a bundle of cable TV channels streamed over the Internet.

Hulu Wants Local Broadcast Channels for Skinny TV Bundle

Hulu is gearing up to spend a bundle on trying to expand its business into live TV — and part of the task it has set out to accomplish involves cutting deals for local TV channels in markets across the U.S.

Trump TV Gears Up for the Fall

With his win in the Indiana primary and the suspension of Ted Cruz’s campaign, Mr. Trump became the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. With that came the hint that he may retool his programming for the coming season.

Fox’s Streaming Deal With Hulu Will Drive Growth of Other OTT Services

Fox’s pending agreement with Hulu to offer its broadcast and cable channels as part of a streaming bundle should help drive the growth of competing digital packages, 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch said.

TV Shows Beat YouTube with Millennials

The VAB just released a report showing that when it comes to the highly-prized millennial audience, TV brands score much, much higher than the top content brands on YouTube. 

Big Data Era Dawns for Advertising Dealmakers

Industry veterans expect there will be a process of sorting out how ComScore data from some 10 million-plus homes will be used side-by-side with Nielsen numbers and lead to big changes in 2017.

Honda, Nissan Lead April Sales Advance

The U.S. market for cars and light trucks may be hitting a plateau—but it is a very high plateau. The seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) of sales for April moved back up to 17.4 million as total sales rose 3.5% from a year ago.

Why Digital Video Is the Ultimate Equalizer Among All Media

Across the spectrum of programming, distribution and advertising, TV is becoming more like video, and video more like TV. The best part? Whoever produces the best content wins.

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