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Super Bowl 50 pulled in a 46.6 national HH rating on CBS, with a 57.9 in Nashville and 56.6 in Norfolk. The home team markets of North Carolina’s Greensboro and Denver had a 56.4 and 54.1 respectively. Our featured market is Myrtle Beach-Florence, SC.

Nielsen Local Watch Report

Live TV still makes up the bulk of how we watch.

The American Conversation Study: How Local TV Drives Political Engagement

While 83% of all political conversations happen face-to-face, television plays a key role in influencing what people are saying.

Programmatic TV Guidelines and Best Practices

A living document maintained as an open and collaborative effort between broadcasters, advertising agencies, rep firms, aggregators and platform providers.

Primetime Program Schedule

TVB has all the latest Winter 2016 program announcements.
TVB's AE Dashboard

TVB's dedicated sales resource, AE Dashboard, is available exclusively for TVB members. Non-members take a tour to learn more.

People News
The people making moves into industry leadership.

Valentine's Day 2016

TVB's analysis of Valentine’s Day gift shopping and TV viewing.
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“So many people watch the Super Bowl live that it may be one of the last remaining moments of media defragmentation in the United States.” —Peter Pasi, VP Political Sales, Collective
Broadcaster Briefing
Articles and announcements about Broadcast Television Companies.

Industry News

Station Digital Sites Vital Storm Info Sources

A new TVB analysis finds that people sought emergency weather information from local TV stations’ digital platforms in record numbers during recent East Coast and Midwest blizzards.

U.S. Retail Sales to Rise 3.1%

U.S. retail sales will grow just 3.1% in 2016 as consumers shift more of their spending to experiences, rather than the mall, according to the National Retail Federation.

Why TV Executives Are Bullish On the Ad Market

Amid the many challenges swirling in the TV industry, ratings in the doldrums, cord-cutting, skinny bundles, pressure on affiliate fees, the ad market continues to be something of a bright spot.

Is the Hoopla Over Social Media Marketing the Biggest Myth Ever?

"Social media are not the powerful and persuasive marketing force many companies hoped they would be," according to research company Gallup.

Google Reverses Its Decision To Ban Ad Blocking Apps

Google appears to have reversed its earlier decision to ban ad blockers from the Google Play store – a move which had seen the company pulling apps like Adblock Fast and stalling the updates for others.

TVN Offering Free Political Ad Handbook

The new publication, Political Advertising: A Guide for the TV Sales Executive, is available free from TVNewsCheck and the law firm of Garvey Shubert Barer.

Republican Candidates Have Already Tripled 2012 South Carolina Ad Spending

Republican presidential candidates and outside groups supporting them have already poured an estimated $24 million into political ads in South Carolina, nearly triple the amount spent on the party's entire primary there in 2012.

New Shows May Delay Streaming Access

As the popularity of streaming services has risen, some TV companies are balking at giving viewers timely access to shows. The big worry: Making streaming TV too pleasant might encourage viewers to cut back or drop their cable service.

Univision and NBCU Still Dominate Hispanic TV Market

MyersBizNet projects Hispanic network television advertising revenues will increase 3.7% in 2016, with local TV ad spend growing 16%, driven primarily by political investments.

Kasich Wasn't All Retail Marketing - He Had Millions in PAC Spending

John Kasich has been know for retail politics, but has also benefited from millions of dollars in spending by New Day for America, a "super PAC" supporting his campaign.

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