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TVB's Weekly Television Performance Metrics

Nielsen’s recently released Local Watch Report confirms Live TV still accounts for the bulk of our screen time. The AFC and NFC Championship Games were the highest-rated programs in week 17. Charlotte is our market of the week.

Cable & ADS Nov 2014

National Wired Cable penetration continues to decrease, dropping down to 56.9% in Nov’14. ADS remains relatively unchanged at 32.9%, and Broadcast Only homes increased to 10.7%.

Nielsen Q3 Total Audience Report

What You Need to Know—key points highlighting the strength of the local broadcast industry.

2014-2015 DMA Ranks

New season's reports for all 210 DMAs now available.
People News
The people making moves into industry leadership.

CES 2015

News from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


“When this TV season is over, the headline should be: ‘Broadcast television is alive and well.” —Gary Newman. Co-Chairman, CEO, Fox Television Group
Broadcaster Briefing
Articles and announcements about Broadcast Television Companies.

Industry News

MTV: Millennials Aren’t Driving Less

Contrary to recent studies that indicate driving is on the decline amongst young people, MTV reports that eight in 10 Millennials get around most often by car as opposed to any other form of transportation.

For Digital, SMBs Need Somebody—and Money—to Lean On

SMBs show concerns around skills, budget and time when it comes to digital marketing.

Forrester TV Report: Audience Composition, Data Will Overshadow The Rating

About three-quarters of viewers preferred watching full-length episodes of current programs and news/sports on the standard TV screen.

How Nielsen Social Is Measuring the Evolution of Social TV

A little over a year since Nielsen Social partnered with Twitter to produce the Twitter TV Ratings, the findings show that correlation is still meaningful and actionable for networks and advertisers alike.

Big Data: A Simple Primer from the CRE

The Big Data Committee headed by Stacey Lynn Schulman, EVP Strategy and Analytics at Katz, just released a new Primer on Big Data that provides an introduction and information.

Gas Prices, Consumer Confidence Could Push Auto Sales To 17 Million This Year

As consumer confidence goes, so go auto sales...and as the U.S. economy continues to strengthen, both are surging. That's the word from AutoTrader senior analyst Michelle Krebs.

Seattle: Big Bump from the Super Bowl

The Seattle Seahawks will play in their second consecutive Super Bowl on Sunday, and for the second straight year the team is providing a huge boost to an already healthy media market.

NBC’s Super Bowl Social Strategy: A Selfie World Record

In an attempt to own the social media conversation too, NBC is rolling out what it is calling the most comprehensive online campaign to date to promote its coverage of the Big Game.

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