Boston Bombing Coverage

News, articles and commentary about the ongoing Local Broadcast TV coverage.

MediaBistro: 68% of Boston Households Watch Local Coverage of Bombing Suspect’s Capture

Ratings for Boston stations went through the roof during the 8pm hour when Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was taken into custody, with Hearst-owned WCVB drawing the most viewership.Continue Reading

Columbia Journalism Review: As Boston Bombing Story Unfolds, a Stellar Showing From Local TV

WBZ, WHDH deliver balanced, nuanced, comprehensive reporting amid a crisis.Continue Reading

MediaPost: Cable News - What A Blunderful World

The dog-barking scoop was one of the lesser humiliating moments last week, because at least it wasn't irresponsible or false.Continue Reading

TVNewsCheck: TV's Fast And Furious Boston Coverage

It's a terrible thing to blow a big story as CNN and several other news outlets did on Wednesday by reporting that authorities had taken into custody or arrested a suspect.Continue Reading

The New York Times: The Pressure to Be the TV News Leader Tarnishes a Big Brand

In reporting a very complex story, some news outlets complicated it further by rushing to report rumor as fact.Continue Reading

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: TV Coverage of Boston Manhunt

Some of the best coverage was local TV in Boston.  Available online via web streams on Boston's WCVB, it was professional, measured and superior, in this blogger's opinion, to other cable news offerings.Continue Reading

TVNewsCheck: CNN, Fox Get It Wrong On Bombing Suspect

ABC, CBS and NBC all broke into their regular programming to report progress in the case, but did not say there was an arrest or someone brought into custody.Continue Reading

Politico: White House Watching Local Boston TV

White House officials watched events unfold on television much like the rest of the nation. But they watched local Boston channels.Continue Reading

Washington Post: Jon Stewart skewers CNN

CNN gave “The Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart altogether too much information with which to play. First there was John King’s erroneous report of an arrest in the Boston Marathon bombings. Then there was the way that CNN talent, including Chris Cuomo, Fran Townsend and King himself, tried to analyze away the mistake after it went down.Continue Reading

Slate: Finally, a Media Success Story: On Craziest Night Ever, Boston Local News Keeps It Together

Local Boston television news did a fantastic job covering the absolutely crazy goings-on in and around the city.Continue Reading

broadcasting & Cable: Boston Stations Pull Off 'Incredibly Jarring' Shift After Bombing

When celebratory Patriots Day coverage turned to tragic breaking news, the Boston television crews had to make a quick switch from covering a festive event to reporting on tragic breaking news.Continue Reading

How TV Switched From Celebration To Terror

Boston's TV stations were on the story full time following the detonations of two devices during the Boston Marathon. They went wall-to-wall within minutes of the explosions with continuous coverage and supplemental reports.Continue Reading

Boston Herald: Boston TV Stations Pull Out the Stops

A tension-filled day gave way to a night of celebration, relief and even revelry on the streets of Watertown as a suspected Boston Marathon bomber was apprehended and the local TV stations WBZ, WCVB, WFXT, WHDH and NECN — tracked every moment.Continue Reading


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