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TiVo: Big Four Broadcasters Top ‘Must Keep’ List

“Turns out, the rumors of traditional TV’s death have been greatly exaggerated. The big four networks nabbed the top four spots with our panel. More than 75% of respondents claimed they couldn’t live without ABC (77%), CBS (76%), and NBC (75%), and 57% also needed FOX.” —TiVo’s Advisors Panel Study March 2016, TiVo Research…More >>

The Digital Resurrection of Ron Burgundy

“TV is not dead, and in fact, the local broadcast market is arguably the largest overlooked opportunity in digital today.” —Steve Chung, Founder & CEO, Frankly, Inc…More >>

Local Is Key Ad Drive In Presidential Election

“Voters will continue to rely on local outlets to consume political information. This trend will persist into the general election and future cycles, as local media maintains the one connection that trumps all else: community context.” —Andrea Duggan, VP Media Sales, Gamut…More >>

Moonves: As CBS Prospers So Will Affiliates

“Our network can be watched in lots of different ways. Streaming is going to be a new part of it. It’s going to be a new way people watch television, it's the future and we want our affiliates to be a part of it.” —Les Moonves, CEO, CBS…More >>

Connected TVs Usher in a New Era for Television

“We still watch more than five hours of content a day through the TV, a device so ubiquitous and accessible that despite claims of a mass exodus reigns in advertising budgets in excess of $70 billion, still greater than the revenue attributed to digital ad sales in the U.S.” —Mike Fitzsimmons, Founder & CEO, Delivery Agent, Inc.…More >>

Video Consumption Continues to Grow

“We estimate that total video consumption across all devices for all people grew by 0.9% in the quarter. The annual decline in live TV viewing was at its lowest level since the first quarter of 2014.” —Brian Wieser, analyst, Pivotal Research Group…More >>

Stuart Elliott: On Madison Avenue, It's All Coming Out in the Wash

“Whenever I hear another declaration that "television is dead," I smile and think about how the medium seems to have more lives than Morris the cat. Marketers still believe enough in its effectiveness as an ad medium to continually replenish the coffers of stations, channels and networks — not to mention agencies.” —Stuart Elliott, Media Writer, Media Village…More >>

What Can Brand Marketers Learn from Politics? 2016 Edition

“In the first two cycles the received wisdom was that the grass roots power of social media activation swept President Obama to office. Less attention was paid to the fact that they also involved the highest advertising spend in campaign history.” —Rob Norman, Chief Digital Officer, GroupM Global…More >>

Broadcasting & Cable: Study: TV Ads Create Social Engagement

“While television is a dominant channel for advertisers given its unparalleled reach and ability to drive emotional resonance, technology is simultaneously transforming the way consumers interact with content and brands.” —Lance Neuhauser, CEO, 4C ’s…More >>

Politico: Broadcast TV Has a Message for Other Media – We’re Still on Top

“Seventy percent of voters said seeing a television ad drove them to otherwise become more involved in the campaign, including discussing the ad with others, watching a debate or following a candidate on social media.”—Kevin Robillard, Politico, on GfK’s The Voter Funnel StudyMore >>

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