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Why Super Bowl Viewers in S.C and N.H. Will Get a Presidential Ad Blitz

“So many people watch the Super Bowl live that it may be one of the last remaining moments of media defragmentation in the United States.” —Peter Pasi, VP Political Sales, Collective…More >>

Super Bowl TV Commercials Reign, Even in a Digital World

“Nothing could beat the Super Bowl for the impact of that moment and the brand awareness that it offers. While they are all fantastic [digital publishers] and I will use them all, not one could stand on its own like Super Bowl.” — Joanne Bradford, CEO, Social Finance IncMore >>

Jack Myers Gives Four Reasons Why Ad Budgets Will Shift Back to TV in 2016

“There is a growing body of evidence ... that the target audience, reach, and awareness of ad campaigns has declined over the past decade, and that this decline has impacted on the ROI [return on investment] value of advertising. Their analyses point to the best solution being a reinvestment in television first, followed by out-of-home, radio and to a lesser extent print.” — Jack Myers, Chairman MyersBizNet…More >>

The Best Way to Build Brand Equity? More Television Advertising

“Despite the lure of new technological media, television, as a way to reach consumers, is as effective and as relevant as ever. ” —David Poltrack, Chief Research Officer, CBS …More >>

Hearst CEO Bullish About the Future of the TV Business

“Television in all its forms remains by far Hearst’s biggest business, and for consumers, a golden age of television is clearly upon us.” — Steven R. Swarz, President & CEO, Hearst Corp …More >>

CBS’s Rhodes: On-Air, Online News Is Strong

“A big part of our core broadcast offering is that it’s got local integration in it. It’s one of the main value propositions that we have over national cable news.” — David Rhodes, President, CBS News   More >>

TV Fights for Attention in 2016 US Election

“One industry group is launching its first-ever campaign urging candidates and their advisers to keep TV budgets flowing. TVB is pushing out research, data and, of course, TV ads in its effort to spell out television’s enduring benefits.” — Shannon Bond, US Media & Marketing Correspondent, Financial TimesMore >>

Television Roars Back to Life; Digital Questionable?

“The start of the broadcast year has shown that TV is making a strong comeback as advertisers realize they get what they pay for and it continues to be a very powerful medium for brand building.” — James Fennessy, Chief Commercial Officer, Standard Media IndexMore >>

Political Ad Spending to Hit $6B in 2016

“While every candidate will likely have a digital presence, presence is free – don't confuse ‘interactions’ with ‘ad spend.’” — Marci Ryvicker, Managing Director, Wells Fargo SecuritiesMore >>

The Three Essentials for a Killer Programmatic TV Solution

“Programmatic TV trailblazers understand that local TV with its vast pool of inventory, depth of analysis capabilities, optimization techniques, and audience scale is a great proving ground.” — Cordie DePascale, VP of product & partner solutions, Mediaocean  


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