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The National Pastime Gets the Royal Treatment


With Kansas City as a backdrop, Major League Baseball celebrated itself with its annual All-Star Game recently, as the visiting National League shut out the American League 8-0. It…More >

The New American Settler


If there’s one thing that’s unmistakable and ingrained about being an American, it’s a certain amount of wanderlust. Most of our ancestors who chose to come to this country…More >

50 Shades of Red, White and Blue


The Fourth of July is one of those automatic holidays – there are some hard-wired traditions that Americans cherish, therefore supplying some semblance of uniformity no matter where you…More >

Taking the Cholesterol Message to America’s “Heart” Land


Healthcare concerns impact all of us. We’re all vulnerable, we’re all human. However, factors such as lifestyle, environment, and physical conditions vary across the country, each of which with…More >

My Commercial has a First Name…


Quick – sing with me the most popular commercial jingle right now. Bet you can’t. Not an original song for a commercial, anyway.

They’ve gone the way of whole…More >

Customers “Like” Spot TV Digital Content


Let’s paint a scenario for you. Imagine you wake up on January 21st of next year, and it’s snowing outside. (For this particular exercise, you do happen to live…More >

Shattering Scatter


There’s some institutional lunacy that defines the national television buying marketplace. What other buyer/seller dynamic exists where if sellers set their demands too high for a buyer’s liking, the…More >

Evaluating an Audience: Measure Twice, Cut Once


It should tell you something about the state of media today that if our largest national newspaper was a TV show, it wouldn’t even last four episodes before being…More >

TV’s Digital Subchannels: Narrowcasting to Subcommunities


Recently we took a look at the audience value of local broadcast TV’s digital subchannels (D2) to advertisers. What went unsaid at that point was the sociological value that…More >

Hey, Ad Men! Mad Men is Bad, Man!


Mad Men is not great television.

Just ask TV viewers in markets like, Denver, Miami, Phoenix, Seattle...and LA!

Let's be clear about something — this is not a value…More >

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