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Delivering Real Playoff NFL: Numbers For Local


The NFL’s Conference Championship Games broadcasts brought in huge audiences across the country, delivering national viewing numbers that were the highest in decades. But it’s at the local level…More >

Innovation is “Business-as-Usual” at TV Stations


A visit to’s Station Innovation quickly reveals that business is anything but “usual” at today’s television stations.

Sure, stations remain committed to providing their communities with the staple…More >

Fit to be Untied: Come Home to Free TV


In last week’s “Wall Street Journal”, Kevin Sintumuang wrote what was in effect a “Dear John” letter to cable TV. It’s a pretty bold statement to make, Kevin…More >

Local Broadcast Television – A Designated Sales Driver?


It looks like America’s love affair with cars is heating up again.

The news coming out of Detroit is that auto sales for 2011 are set to rise 10%…More >

2012 – A Big Year for Local Television


As we see the last of 2011 fall by the wayside, we at the TVB are enthusiastically looking forward to 2012, because it looks to be a banner year…More >

Broadcast Answers the Bell for Delivering Sports to Men


They say that all you need to do is to put sports on TV and men will find it. Well, it’s not always quite that easy.

In fact, lately it’s…More >

Funny You Should Ask – But Comedies Haven’t Gone Anywhere


A hot topic about television is the “Rebirth of the Sitcom.” Most point towards ABC’s Modern Family as the harbinger of this latest comedy renaissance on broadcast television. But…More >

Mobilizing On-The-Go Moms


Moms are on the go, go, go…carpooling kids, working out of the home and shopping for their families and the holidays. In their roles as breadwinners and caregivers, it…More >

A Lesson in Marketing Targeting from the Obese and Overweight


TVB presented at the Marketing Disease Prevention and Awareness: Marketing to the Overweight American Conference September 28, 2011, in Washington, DC. The conference was attended by marketers, advertising people,…More >

The United DMAs of America


One of the great enduring ideals that we hold about ourselves as Americans is that we are One. However, that’s just not entirely true. “One nation” is true – we…More >

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