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Hey, Ad Men! Mad Men is Bad, Man!


Mad Men is not great television.

Just ask TV viewers in markets like, Denver, Miami, Phoenix, Seattle...and LA!

Let's be clear about something — this is not a value…More >

Cutting Down the Local Market Nets


Defining Local Passions Key to Ratings Success

The truth is “my old Kentucky home” should be a gymnasium.

Because the people of Kentucky – at least the leading Nielsen representative…More >

Don’t Over-Look Over-the-Air TV


While many American homes today have some sort of subscription television service, whether it’s through cable, satellite, or some other content-providing box attached to the television set, the NAB…More >

What’s Below a Subchannel? In Some Cases, Cable


Back in 2009 the television industry was in the full throes of opening up a fully-digital broadcasting spectrum, giving birth to a multitude of digital subchannels. At the time,…More >

“Game Change” – Moore, but Less

HBO’s movie adaptation of the book “Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime” focused its narrative upon Sarah Palin’s virtual takeover of…More >

The Pastry Economics of Television


Why There Should Be Room for 210 Spot Slices on Every Agency’s Diet Plan

Everywhere you look these days you see someone who is trying to make their money work…More >

Free Airtime Means Agenda-Free Citizenship


If you were to ask someone to name three words that are most associated with the ideals of the United States of America, there’s probably a 100% chance that…More >

Connecting with Black History Month


Think about your memories of Martin Luther King Jr.’s inspiring speeches, Jackie Robinson’s record-breaking plays and, more recently, President Barack Obama’s inauguration…are they, in fact, your memories, or snippets…More >

How 39 Million Can Equal 1: Grammy’s Unifying Night


We’re now a week removed from the news of Whitney Houston’s death and the subsequent Grammy Awards broadcast that galvanized the experience.

This clearly wasn’t something that would be…More >

Oprah Moves to Cable – And Irrelevance


To some, cable represents reinvention. It also implies that you’re just always available. But too often, omnipresence leads to irrelevance. It happened to baseball, as the game used to…More >

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