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Local Broadcast TV a Super Signal in the Super Storm


During the beginning of this month, it became eminently clear to millions of Americans in the Northeast that at least one part of the future can’t come soon enough. Hurricane Sandy was the latest example of how isolating a blackout can be – not just a power blackout, but an information one as well. The ultimate answer for this lies right at our technological fingertips. It’s called Mobile Digital Television. …More >

For the Love of Electricity, Television, and the Jersey Shore (not that one)


Unlike the usual TVB commentary, this is being written remotely, on a computer that’s minimally powered by a portable generator, in an unheated home in northern New Jersey. And we’re among the lucky ones. Suffering without “real” electricity or the comforts of modern life are inconsequential compared to what’s happened to much of the rest of the Northeast during the past few days. Or so I’m told. The biggest impact in this house, along with millions of others across at least the New York DMA, is that this means we have no TV. Without being able to see what’s been going on, virtually in my own backyard, we’re blind, deaf, and dumb to all but our own neighborhood. 
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The Shining Bastion of Democracy in Action is... Television


With over 59 million people tuning into the final Presidential Debate – and with “The Voice” bringing in millions of viewers each week, it’s clear that after more than 200 years, television has done its part to get the electorate interested in the voting process again.…More >

Audiences, Not Binders

While it might seem that advertising to women on television is pretty straightforward, they are a complex target that doesn’t always fit neatly into a folder called “women’s television”. More >

Why “Upscale” Isn’t One Size Fits All

Does having a six figure job mean that you’ve “made it”? Not necessarily. Where you live has a direct impact about just how “upscale” you might be.More >

As the Ad Industry Envisions All That Is Bright and Shiny, Local TV Broadcasters Are Lighting the Way


Our Advertising Week experience has been exhilarating and affirming. Like the “CEO Connectors,” Local Broadcast Television CEOs are looking to the future of media with vigor and excitement. They are building on their powerful TV station platforms and commanding viewer relationships. Local Broadcast Television isn’t tomorrow’s shiny new thing, it’s today’s beacon into the future and we’re ready to work with progressive marketers.
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Doubt The Power of TV at Your Own Risk

A recent article by SAY Media led off with the rather misleading headline of "Off The Grid 2012," which would tend to imply that Americans - likely voters, specifically - are simply unplugging and walking away from all media. Their conclusion is, "much broadcast advertising is wasted..." Say, what? TVB President, Steve Lanzano responds in Campaigns & Elections. More >

Digital Advertising’s Geography Test

The digital footprint just got a little…smaller.

Borrell Associates, the digital media advertising research company, recently announced that they have developed 513 “DMRs” (Digital Marketing Regions) across the country to…More >

Tweaking the Balance: Optimizing a Nation

Do you remember a time when the most wonderful thing in our cars was a great stereo system – topped off by a graphic equalizer? We always had music in…More >

Primetime Across America

Now that we’re quickly approaching the new primetime television season, we thought it might be interesting to turn our typical “what shows are people watching in the local markets” analysis…More >

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