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The Three Essentials for a Killer Programmatic TV Solution

“Programmatic TV trailblazers understand that local TV with its vast pool of inventory, depth of analysis capabilities, optimization techniques, and audience scale is a great proving ground.” — Cordie DePascale, VP of product & partner solutions, Mediaocean  


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Digital Video Fraud, Viewability And The $50 Rolex

“TV advertising will win in spite of its “legacy” media perception, since it delivers real viewership at real scale with real impact.”  —Dave Morgan, CEO, Simulmedia   More >>

More U.S. homes are streaming video, but live TV still dominates

“When it comes to time spent, live TV continues to reign supreme. Television continues to play a major role in the lives of the American consumer.”—Nielsen, “Live Watch Report” More >>

Facebook vs. TV: Marketing’s New Enemy is ‘Truthiness’

“The bigger truth is this: On a monthly basis, millennials watch 64 hours of TV (on a TV set), while they spend 23 hours with Facebook.” — Sean Cunningham, President & CEO, Video Advertising Bureau (VAB)
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Why Barry Diller Is Bullish on Local TV

“I’ve always thought the last one standing is a local television station. People like to know about things in their area: weather, sports. Local, local, local, is always going to be relevant for television.” — Barry Diller, chairman, IACMore >>

Social Media Takes Television Back in Time

“Largely because of social media, TV is becoming an interactive, communal experience. It is best experienced live, because that’s when everyone else is watching, too.” — Farhad Manjoo, Media Writer, The New York TimesMore >>

Presidential candidates should ramp up TV ad spend

“2016 presidential hopefuls should start investing more heavily in television ads now if they’re serious about winning.” —Chuck Todd, NBC News political directorMore >>

Why Tech Rebels Like Uber, Jet and Fitbit Are Embracing Traditional Advertising

“TV was and is the most effective way to get the message to the broadest number of people.” Howard Belk, co-CEO & creative chief, Siegel+GaleMore >>

Television is the New Television

“Not only has the Web not destroyed TV, but the source of new media’s strength – attracting ever more traffic, truly phenomenal traffic – may in fact become its greatest weakness.”    —Michael Wolff, author, journalist and speaker at #TVBForward15More >>

TV Remains King in Political Ad Spending

“No one ever lost a campaign because they were on TV. They’ve lost campaigns because they weren’t on TV.”  —Dave Carney, a Republican strategistMore >>

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