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Aereo Court Loss Protects $4 Billion in Broadcast Fees

CBS Chief Executive Officer, Les Moonves, reacts to Wednesday’s Supreme Court decision on Aereo in an interview with Bloomberg Television: “And all that’s important here is that broadcasters and cable content companies and everyone who’s involved with the content producing business gets paid appropriately for their content. So it’s a very good day for our future.” - CBS Chief Executive Officer Les Moonves…More >>

Wall Street Journal: Mars CMO Pledges Allegiance to Broadcast TV in WSJ Interview

Bruce McColl, a 22-year Mars veteran, when asked in a Q&A with The Wall Street Journal which platform he would choose if he could only pick one to market the company’s products, said, “Broadcast TV.” “Our approach to marketing is to make sure we know what will drive our business. It [broadcast TV] has the biggest reach... If we want to grow, we have to reach a lot of people and we have to nudge and remind them to remember Pedigree, Snickers and Uncle Bens. That leads to our creative ambition which is entertainment. How do we entertain people? They are not lined up waiting to hear our next piece of communication. And that has to be done at scale.”   — Bruce McColl, Chief Marketing Officer, Mars, Inc.  More>>

Campaigns & Elections: It’s TV + Online, Not TV vs. Online

“As we hear various versions of the following comments: ‘This is the year of online, digital and mobile’ or ‘TV is losing viewers in droves’ or ‘TV spending is dropping faster than (insert bad political metaphor of your choice),’ we remain skeptical. Why? The reality is that, so far, those predictions have not come true. There are two things to consider: First, broadcast TV is still the most effective way to reach the largest number of voters and move poll numbers; Second, TV is fighting back and is becoming highly targetable. We won’t see TV spending be surpassed by online spending. Rather they will become completely integrated.” — Russ Schriefer, Partner, Strategic Partners & Shannon Chatlos, Managing Partner, SalientMG  

EMMYS: ‘True Detective’, ‘Fargo’ & Other Hopefuls Continue TV’s Rich Legacy

“‘It’s not like TV has suddenly become amazing and great—it’s always been amazing and great,’ declares Under the Dome executive producer Neal Baer. What’s new today is that TV is a creation of quantity as much as quality, with many more outlets and platforms to grab high-value consumers’ attention with content that up until just a decade ago would have made its home solely in the movies. We have traditional TV trying to recoup some of the luster it lost to non-advertiser-supported programming, but either way, the economics and creativity sit squarely in the small screen’s favor. ” —Dominic Patten, Reporter, Deadline Hollywood …More>>

Facebook's Plan to Go After 25 Million Small Businesses Could Backfire

“Will Facebook be a partner to small business, or just another vendor? This is an important inflection point for the social network, and millions of small businesses across the country. It's also a reminder to all businesses — large and small — that branding must come first.” —Ryan Wallerstein, co-founder Ramify Media  …More>>

Bill Koenigsberg Elected Chairman Of The 4A's Board

Koenigsberg is the first chairman from a media agency to head the 4A’s board. “With so much change, the opportunity for the 4A's and my fellow board members to help shape the future of marketing has never been bigger,” Koenigsberg said. “It’s also time to empower our industry’s young talent with a platform to facilitate change not only within our industry but for the greater good.” – Bill Koenigsberg, CEO and founder, Horizon Media, Chairman of the Board of the 4A's,…More>>

Stations Expand Scope Of Tornado Warnings

“I join with public safety officials, elected representatives and countless Americans in thanking local radio and television broadcasters in the South for their remarkable efforts to keep citizens informed and safe during the killer tornadoes and devastating rains this week. As we've seen time and again, broadcasters take seriously our role as 'first informers' during emergency situations and are committed to using all our resources at our fingertips to keep people safe from harm.” - NAB President and CEO, Gordon Smith…More>>

People Talking Politics: A Closer Look at the Media We Reference in Political Conversation

Recently, the Supreme Court lifted the aggregate limits on campaign contributions from private individuals, protecting Americans’ right to Free Speech and the ability to financially bolster a political point-of-view.   Whether or not you philosophically agree with the Court’s decision, Free Speech is one of our most precious American rights, and we’ve come a long way since the printing press was the most expedient method of disseminating political opinion. …More >

Broadcast Television's Screens Are Alive

“…Live (event) TV is interesting to a lot of TV advertisers. Advertisers are demanding immediacy. Amassing an audience on a particular night is important.” Darcy Bowe, VP-director of video at Starcom USA…More>>

Is This the Long-Awaited Answer to Measuring Video Viewers Everywhere They're Watching? Handicapping the cross-platform players

“What the industry needs is the ability to continuously monitor the migration of consumption across platforms and understand the value of one platform versus another,” says Lyle Schwartz, managing partner and director of research and marketplace analysis at GroupM Worldwide. -Paul Heine…More>>

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