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Online Political Ads Have Been Slow To Catch On As TV Reigns

“For all of the advances in the use of data and digital tools, broadcast advertising still claims the largest share of campaign budgets…It is hard to find evidence of a shift away from broadcast spending to digital in the 10 most highly contested House races in 2014. This shows a reluctance on the part of campaigns and consultants to move away from television, and uncertainty about the effectiveness and accuracy of online targeting.” —Derek Willis, Journalist, New York Times …More >>

23 Network Chiefs on Frustrating Trends, Coveted Reboots and the Series They Can't Miss

“When this TV season is over, the headline should be: ‘Broadcast television is alive and well.” —Gary Newman. Co-Chairman, CEO, Fox Television Group …More >>

Remote Production Can Revolutionize Live TV

“Viewers today eat up live programming of all types. Live programming — with its potential for enrichment and analysis — is also a powerful asset for broadcasters against the encroachment of OTT services. The ability to cover news live, cost effectively and with the highest quality is more significant than ever for today’s newsroom.” —Geir Bryn-Jensen, Nevion CEO…More >>

Promising Prognostication for Broadcast

“Pronounced dead five years ago by many gurus, TV is back with a vengeance. Smart consumer brands like P&G are finding that TV is more effective than ever at creating awareness and memory in markets.” —Bill Lee, Founder, Center for Customer Engagement…More >>

In Internet Age, Ratings Show TV News Remains Relevant

“Not only are rumors of our death greatly exaggerated — we are a growth stock. And I have a secret theory that perhaps the best thing that happened to us is the rise of other media devices. The miniaturization of everything else has made us loom a little larger.” —Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News anchor…More >>

James Murdoch Touts Studio Success, Talks Succession

“The real killer app in digital actually is TV...”
—James Murdoch, Co-Chief Operating Officer, 21st Century Fox…More >>

Peter Pan Live! Was So Bad and Also So, So Good

“It is only the second year in a row that NBC has aired a live musical in December, but it already feels like something of a holiday tradition....In no time at all, these live musicals have made themselves into communal events, and there is something lovely about sharing an experience with so many other people..."—Willa Paskin, Slate television critic.…More >>

Dumb Stuff Said in Washington, D.C.

When the leader of the free world and the administrator of FEMA say “Trust your local broadcaster,” perhaps it’s time for Ivory Tower academics to acknowledge that free and local broadcasting remains an indispensable resource for every American.—Dennis Wharton, EVP Communications, NAB…More >>

CBSN: An Interactive Streaming News Network

“It's day one of the new world order. CBS News has created an online live/on-demand 15 hour per day news service targeting consumers who prefer to consume video news on connected devices…. Everyone should take note of today's date. It's an important day in history for Television the platform (not the art form).” — Shelly Palmer…More >>

Priceline 'Breakthrough' in Reducing Dependence on Google

“'(TV) has been a real breakthrough for us. Our dependence on Google has lessened,’ said Darren Huston, Group CEO, Priceline. During Priceline’s third quarter earnings call, he added that TV advertising enhances the company’s ability to drive customers direct to its websites.” —Dennis Schaal …More >>

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