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Millennials and the Big Shift in TV Habits

“When you think about the sheer amount of exposure and time, there’s no question TV ads are influential.”  — Jerry Belson, vice chairman and U.S. media and entertainment leader at Deloitte  More >>

Everybody Says Network TV is Dying. Nobody Told Network TV.

“Network TV [isn’t] just salvageable. It could maybe still thrive…More and more, the solution seems to be emphasizing the first syllable in ‘broadcast.’”  — Todd VanDerWerff, Culture Editor, VoxMore >>

Broadcast TV News Grows in Relevance

“By any measure, broadcasters are resonating at extremely high levels with media consumers. The resilience, relevance and reliance news consumers continue to place on broadcasters is eye-opening.”  — Seth Geiger, President of SmithGeigerMore >>

Stuart Elliott: A Modest Proposal for One Video Marketplace

“[Television is] the most powerful marketing medium ever devised, an ad delivery system with enormous reach that has helped build brands worth billions of dollars.”  — Stuart Elliott, Media Village   More >>

Outside Voices: In Defense of TV - It’s Actually ‘VT’

“Even against the backdrop of increased on-demand viewing, traditional scheduled television has a continued ability to create true urgent cultural events, moments of community and shared simultaneous viewing that just can’t be replicated on other platforms.”  — Josh Sapan, CEO, AMC Networks    More >>

During Baltimore’s Painful Week, Local TV Reporters Shine

“I never think about which TV networks or anchors I trust to break news to me in times of crisis, until I’ve been parked in front of the television for hours, scared to move or to break eye contact with the screen. I don’t realize it’s the anchor’s soothing voice or the on-the-ground reporter’s empathetic interviewing style that’s tethering me to their coverage, until I feel my heart rate steadying. So it didn’t immediately occur to me that I was favoring local news networks, rather than cable ones, in the aftermath of Freddie Gray’s death and Baltimore’s ongoing response to it. But since Monday, when the city’s unrest reached a boiling point, Baltimore’s WJZ and WBAL have been the only networks I’ve trusted.”  — Stacia Brown, Writer & Contributor, Washington PostMore >>

Popchips CMO: TV Still the Most Effective Ad Medium

“From my standpoint, the most effective and efficient way to reach consumers is still TV, which is why we’ve started doing a lot more of it. It is still the best giant megaphone available to marketers and a great way to reach a lot of people at once.”  — Marc Seguin, CMO, PopchipsMore >>

Gordon Smith Keynote at 2015 NAB Show

“Television stations are more relevant, more vital and more trusted than ever before.

What if… Communities didn't have a medium that could instantaneously warn them of impending danger.

What if… the investigative units that uncover government corruption and scams, keeping our citizens informed and protected, went away?

What if… there were no local stations to help connect small businesses with their consumers, spurring economic activity and creating jobs and opportunity?

We can't take what we have for granted, and we have to work together to remind policymakers of broadcasting's immense value to their communities.”  — Gordon Smith, President and CEO, NAB
More >>

US 2016 Candidates Stay Tuned to TV Advertising

“Television commands a premium for attracting a mass audience. For a candidate to brand himself and the campaign broadly, broadcast TV is where you go.” — Carl Salas, VP, Senior Credit Officer, Moody’s Investor ServicesMore >>

TV Will Remain A 'Powerhouse' Media For Years To Come

“The traditional TV business is a real powerhouse, and it is still the medium of choice for many marketers. It offers volume and scale like no other medium. Video pales in comparison. TV is likely to remain as powerful in the future — it's 100% viewable. ” — John Montgomery, COO, GroupM Interaction …More >>

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