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Couples Find TV Viewing A Bonding Experience

“The most popular shows for “couples” are some of the popular shows overall in television: CBS’ “Big Bang Theory” registered the best results (according to STRATA) with 9%, who said it was the top show watched with their significant other…
Almost 70% of married couples felt watching TV together as a couple is a bonding experience, while 28% said they watch in a separate room some of the time. Of those unmarried couples, 52% said they never watch TV in a different room from their partner, with 28% saying they would only do so rarely.” – Wayne Friedman, Media Daily News …More>>

The IAB Shows What’s Driving Auto Sales – And We Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves

A new research study released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) confirms that TV is the most influential of all media for driving auto sales.  …More >

Welcoming Home Nielsen’s New Leader


An Open Letter to Mitch Barns, new CEO of Nielsen.…More >

Television - The Most Alive Medium for Shifting Times


For all of those who have come to bury TV, let's go over some facts that prove just how dominant television is in American life.…More >

Nielsen’s Open-Ear Policy Isn’t Telling the Whole Picture


Nielsen has released its 3Q 2013 Cross Platform Report.  It should be no surprise that traditional television is still king. …More >

Where Does the Internet Go When It Wants…More?


Television has become the “not-so-secret” weapon of many of the most successful websites in building brand awareness and becoming  household names.…More >

It’s Time to Stop Shifting the Discussion about Local Time Shifting


A recent New York Times article talked about the growing "extended time-shifted" audience in national viewing.  But when you look at the numbers, it gets even more interesting in local markets.…More >

Local Television Makes a Small Thanks-giving, Epic


The best moments of television are often community moments.  When one woman was surprised with a stranger's act of kindness, she wanted to share his “thanks-giving” with everyone.  So she called her local TV station.…More >

Together Local TV and Auto Sales are a Well-Oiled Machine


When it comes to new car sales, never overlook the biggest motivator to get customers into the showroom and driving off with a new car: local broadcast television.…More >

Drunk Driving Hits a Broadcast Roadblock

Is there a better use of Television than saving lives?
2013 marks the 10th anniversary of Project Roadblock, a Local Broadcast Television initiative to donate on-air, online and mobile time and space to help stop drunk driving during one of the most deadly auto fatality weeks of the year – Christmas through New Year’s Eve.…More >

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