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It’s Time to Stop Shifting the Discussion about Local Time Shifting


A recent New York Times article talked about the growing "extended time-shifted" audience in national viewing.  But when you look at the numbers, it gets even more interesting in local markets.…More >

Local Television Makes a Small Thanks-giving, Epic


The best moments of television are often community moments.  When one woman was surprised with a stranger's act of kindness, she wanted to share his “thanks-giving” with everyone.  So she called her local TV station.…More >

Together Local TV and Auto Sales are a Well-Oiled Machine


When it comes to new car sales, never overlook the biggest motivator to get customers into the showroom and driving off with a new car: local broadcast television.…More >

Drunk Driving Hits a Broadcast Roadblock

Is there a better use of Television than saving lives?
2013 marks the 10th anniversary of Project Roadblock, a Local Broadcast Television initiative to donate on-air, online and mobile time and space to help stop drunk driving during one of the most deadly auto fatality weeks of the year – Christmas through New Year’s Eve.…More >

Broadcast TV Finds Its Spooky Spirit

It’s not hard to figure out why TV loves Halloween as a theme.  It’s visual, it’s got great storylines, and viewers love the escapism of it all. Halloween is great fun, which is exactly why it’s great TV.…More >

Tuning in Happiness: Why Broadcast Still Wins With Viewers

A strength of Broadcast TV is in the ability to build audience flow, not just one-and-done hits. Cable may have some fleeting buzz around single shows, but broadcast delivers something that cable never can — consistency.…More >

Television’s Hierarchy of Needs

The metrics that we use to analyze television are complicated.  But if you step back and simplify things, looking at it from the mind of a viewer, it actually fills some very basic human needs.…More >

Local Broadcast Television Is In the Pink


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Local broadcasters have more than just a passing association with this cause – for them, it's a deeper commitment to their community. They allow us to see how it impacts the people behind the pink ribbons.…More >

TV… Not History


Two medium-defining events happened nearly fifty years ago. What began with the Kennedy Assassination and the Beatles' appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show continues as strongly as ever today – Television is where we go to share our history as it happens.…More >

2013 Forward Conference Welcome (excerpt)


TVB Board Chairman Bill Fine opens the 2013 Forward Conference with thoughts about the power and impact of local broadcast television.…More >

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