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Tuning in Happiness: Why Broadcast Still Wins With Viewers

A strength of Broadcast TV is in the ability to build audience flow, not just one-and-done hits. Cable may have some fleeting buzz around single shows, but broadcast delivers something that cable never can — consistency.…More >

Television’s Hierarchy of Needs

The metrics that we use to analyze television are complicated.  But if you step back and simplify things, looking at it from the mind of a viewer, it actually fills some very basic human needs.…More >

Local Broadcast Television Is In the Pink


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Local broadcasters have more than just a passing association with this cause – for them, it's a deeper commitment to their community. They allow us to see how it impacts the people behind the pink ribbons.…More >

TV… Not History


Two medium-defining events happened nearly fifty years ago. What began with the Kennedy Assassination and the Beatles' appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show continues as strongly as ever today – Television is where we go to share our history as it happens.…More >

2013 Forward Conference Welcome (excerpt)


TVB Board Chairman Bill Fine opens the 2013 Forward Conference with thoughts about the power and impact of local broadcast television.…More >

The Shiny New Object


Everybody's always talking about the "shiny new object." Here's one that should really stand the test of time, because it already has. It's wireless, it's digital, it's mobile, and so much more. What is this "shiny new object," anyway?…More >

People Are Watching More TV – Media, Consider Yourselves Alerted


In their latest Cross Platform Report, Nielsen shines their spotlight on VOD. But behind the headline, there stands an important story: Americans are watching more traditional television.…More >

Taking Multicultural Beyond Ethnicity


There's no question that we're living in a multicultural world, but if you don't think of groups like Working Moms as a culture, you're definitely not getting all the answers about what makes up a culture in this day and age.…More >

The Mourning Show: TV’s Social Connection


Conversations on social media are driven by television. This summer saw people turn to social media in droves to mourn the passing of many celebrities who became famous because of television. But even if you didn't know the star, you certainly knew the show. …More >

2012: The Year TV Finally Stopped the Presses


2012 was a milestone year in the relationship between local television and local newspapers. Local advertising spending finally came in sync with the times, as Newspaper hands off yet another crown to Television.…More >

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