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The 2012/2013 Television Season: The More Things Change…


When we took a look at the results of the past season, we saw an interesting thing. Stability. This season ended like every other season before it—dominated by broadcast.…More >

Broadcast – Alive, Well and Flourishing

By Steve Lanzano
President and CEO, TVB

It's Upfront Season and time for the annual headlines proclaiming the demise of Broadcast TV. The fact is, whether it’s for Specials, top-tier Primetime programming, Late Night, Early Morning, or Local News, at every turn Broadcast is still the largest part of the evolving media ecosystem……More >

Can You Put a Price On Trust?


Why do some marketers believe they are better served by national network and cable news, and ignore the most valuable, trusted and targeted programming available – local broadcast news?…More >

Live Plus Same Day: TVB’s Unshifting Position

By Steve Lanzano
President and CEO, TVB

Simply put, Live + Same Day data is not only more accurate, it is the most logical and reasonable measure of local television viewing. It mirrors the three-day time-shifted currency currently accepted by network advertisers and prepares local TV measurement to progress as the national currency advances to capture C7 and cross platform viewing… More >>
Click here for Local Live + Same Day Ratings Analysis…More >

When Crisis Strikes Home, Viewers Turn To Hometown TV Stations

By Bill Fine TVB Chairman

In one jarring moment, this year’s Boston Marathon immediately pivoted from celebrating the triumph of the human spirit to witnessing the devastation of terrorism. In the immediate moments that followed, the people of Boston demonstrated the kind of human endurance seen in elite athletes as well as heroism reminiscent of the courage of our historic patriots. Today’s patriots are the first responders. They are the ones who put the public’s safety above their own – police, fire and medical personnel who rush into dangerous situations without delay. Local TV broadcasters are a crucial part of these first-response teams……More >

Television Cameras Don’t Shut Off Once Elections Are Over


In today's plugged-in, always-on society, political coverage is necessary 365 days a year, and local broadcasters are practicing what they preach - by holding their elected officials accountable, even after the campaigns are over. …More >

Hold Your App-pause - Twitter "Friends" the DVR


Viewers who opt to watch their favorite programs time-shifted have to deal with an unfortunate side effect - spoliers in social media. That is, until now. One company has a way to time-shift online comments. Meet the latest Internet time machine.
More >

An Open Letter to Overextended Media Buyers and Planners


There are many components to consider when developing a well-thought out media plan. In an open letter to media planners, we address perhaps the most basic of considerations: cost.…More >

Mars Tweets! And Fans Respond, With Their Wallets


Veronica Mars took their case directly to their fans - and their "Resurrect Our Show" campaign paid off quickly, thanks to the power of the motivated broadcast viewer.…More >

Messing with the (Day)Time/Space Continuum


Daytime may be the place to find soaps, games, and talk. But it’s also the place to find more viewers than you might expect – especially when you look at where they live.…More >

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