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Television One Zero


The fact is, it's now impossible to separate "television" from "digital". As an industry, "television" has had an easier time of changing its infrastructure than changing perceptions. It's hard to hear the word "digital" without instantly associating it with a dot-com. But not including television within any discussion of digital media is grossly misrepresenting the role that digital plays in our lives today. …More >

The End of Daytime Drama (But It’s Probably Not What You Think)


As recently as 2010, industry veterans were calling the Daytime Drama genre "a relic" and "an artifact". Fast forward to 2013, and Soaps are enjoying some renewal — particularly in some local markets.…More >

Tweeting the Shark?


"Sharknado" caused a stir in the Twitterverse last week. Yet as a TV event, the SyFy movie delivered almost 7 million fewer viewers than a Big Bang Theory summer repeat airing opposite it. So was "Sharknado" really a TV event or a social one?…More >

Let’s Get Local, Local…


Oftentimes, marketers with no natural ties to a community can struggle with local marketing. With their multitude of local digital assets, TV stations have the resources to help marketers build those local bridges to their customers.…More >

Singing a Local Song


Music is many things – it’s personal, it’s emotional, it’s visceral, it’s global. But it’s also very local. Innovative producers will take music that’s been made for national use and customize it to better connect with consumers where they live.…More >

The Red, White, and Blue of Our American Heroes Never Fades


The 4th of July is a potent reminder about how much America values its military men and women. The North Carolina Association of Broadcasters extended that love at a special event to some long-deserving soldiers from the past - our Vietnam Veterans.…More >

3D’s Cautionary Tale


There may be many reasons why 3D faltered, but there are even more that prove how TV continues to evolve in new, exciting and important ways.…More >

Feeding the Binge Viewer


Binge viewing is not a sudden craze introduced by Netflix downloads. It's been the delight of viewing consumers for decades to customize their libraries of video entertainment with the use of DVR and VHS.…More >

Yes, Digital is Local – Exploring Borrell’s Online Revenue Report


Local online advertising has become a layered, evolving ecosystem that TV stations can approach in many ways. In this local digital space, broadcasters prove there really is something for everyone. …More >

The 2012/2013 Television Season: The More Things Change…


When we took a look at the results of the past season, we saw an interesting thing. Stability. This season ended like every other season before it—dominated by broadcast.…More >

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