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People Talking Politics: A Closer Look at the Media We Reference in Political Conversation

Recently, the Supreme Court lifted the aggregate limits on campaign contributions from private individuals, protecting Americans’ right to Free Speech and the ability to financially bolster a political point-of-view.   Whether or not you philosophically agree with the Court’s decision, Free Speech is one of our most precious American rights, and we’ve come a long way since the printing press was the most expedient method of disseminating political opinion. …More >

Broadcast Television's Screens Are Alive

“…Live (event) TV is interesting to a lot of TV advertisers. Advertisers are demanding immediacy. Amassing an audience on a particular night is important.” Darcy Bowe, VP-director of video at Starcom USA…More>>

Is This the Long-Awaited Answer to Measuring Video Viewers Everywhere They're Watching? Handicapping the cross-platform players

“What the industry needs is the ability to continuously monitor the migration of consumption across platforms and understand the value of one platform versus another,” says Lyle Schwartz, managing partner and director of research and marketplace analysis at GroupM Worldwide. -Paul Heine…More>>

4As' Top Media Priorities: Multimedia Measurement, Addressable, Mobile Readiness

“John Montgomery, COO of GroupM Interaction and chairman of the 4As’ Media Leadership Council, said the council has adopted a new mission statement, with the primary objective being to ‘elevate media in all its forms as a crucial component within the advertising industry. It positions media as a key element in the mix of marketing solutions employed by our agencies’ clients.’”    Steve McClellan, MediaPost…More>>

Survey: TV Remains Top News Access Device

“Among all the new media devices, tablets, smart phones and other handheld, luggable and desk-bound computers, the TV set remains the top access device for news and local TV news remains the top outlet and the most trusted news source....According to a new survey, The Personal News Cycle from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the American Press Institute's Media Insight Project, 87% of those polled said they use television to get news.”…More>>

Nielsen’s Cross-Platform Reporting: Now with Accurate Digital Consumption

Previously relying on viewer surveys in which respondents recalled their behavior, Nielsen now uses metering devices in mobile phones which collect actual behavior. The difference is striking and is an important reminder of the dangers inherent in trusting consumers’ claimed behavior. It calls into question any of a number of recent studies that have proclaimed the demise of traditional media based on self-reported approximations of time spent with digital devices. …More >

Global Champions, Homegrown Heroes -- US Olympic Athletes Spur Local Television Viewing

As American athletes rise to the occasion, and the medal platform, hometown fans are making Local Broadcast Television an exceptional Olympic media platform. Get a closer look at the strength of hometown appeal in TV's latest Winter Olympic Games analysis.…More >

Couples Find TV Viewing A Bonding Experience

“The most popular shows for “couples” are some of the popular shows overall in television: CBS’ “Big Bang Theory” registered the best results (according to STRATA) with 9%, who said it was the top show watched with their significant other…
Almost 70% of married couples felt watching TV together as a couple is a bonding experience, while 28% said they watch in a separate room some of the time. Of those unmarried couples, 52% said they never watch TV in a different room from their partner, with 28% saying they would only do so rarely.” – Wayne Friedman, Media Daily News …More>>

The IAB Shows What’s Driving Auto Sales – And We Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves

A new research study released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) confirms that TV is the most influential of all media for driving auto sales.  …More >

Welcoming Home Nielsen’s New Leader


An Open Letter to Mitch Barns, new CEO of Nielsen.…More >

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