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Why Super Bowl Viewers in S.C and N.H. Will Get a Presidential Ad Blitz

“So many people watch the Super Bowl live that it may be one of the last remaining moments of media defragmentation in the United States.” —Peter Pasi, VP Political Sales, Collective…More >>

Super Bowl TV Commercials Reign, Even in a Digital World

“Nothing could beat the Super Bowl for the impact of that moment and the brand awareness that it offers. While they are all fantastic [digital publishers] and I will use them all, not one could stand on its own like Super Bowl.” — Joanne Bradford, CEO, Social Finance IncMore >>

Jack Myers Gives Four Reasons Why Ad Budgets Will Shift Back to TV in 2016

“There is a growing body of evidence ... that the target audience, reach, and awareness of ad campaigns has declined over the past decade, and that this decline has impacted on the ROI [return on investment] value of advertising. Their analyses point to the best solution being a reinvestment in television first, followed by out-of-home, radio and to a lesser extent print.” — Jack Myers, Chairman MyersBizNet…More >>

The Best Way to Build Brand Equity? More Television Advertising

“Despite the lure of new technological media, television, as a way to reach consumers, is as effective and as relevant as ever. ” —David Poltrack, Chief Research Officer, CBS …More >>

Hearst CEO Bullish About the Future of the TV Business

“Television in all its forms remains by far Hearst’s biggest business, and for consumers, a golden age of television is clearly upon us.” — Steven R. Swarz, President & CEO, Hearst Corp …More >>

CBS’s Rhodes: On-Air, Online News Is Strong

“A big part of our core broadcast offering is that it’s got local integration in it. It’s one of the main value propositions that we have over national cable news.” — David Rhodes, President, CBS News   More >>

TV Fights for Attention in 2016 US Election

“One industry group is launching its first-ever campaign urging candidates and their advisers to keep TV budgets flowing. TVB is pushing out research, data and, of course, TV ads in its effort to spell out television’s enduring benefits.” — Shannon Bond, US Media & Marketing Correspondent, Financial TimesMore >>

Television Roars Back to Life; Digital Questionable?

“The start of the broadcast year has shown that TV is making a strong comeback as advertisers realize they get what they pay for and it continues to be a very powerful medium for brand building.” — James Fennessy, Chief Commercial Officer, Standard Media IndexMore >>

Political Ad Spending to Hit $6B in 2016

“While every candidate will likely have a digital presence, presence is free – don't confuse ‘interactions’ with ‘ad spend.’” — Marci Ryvicker, Managing Director, Wells Fargo SecuritiesMore >>

The Three Essentials for a Killer Programmatic TV Solution

“Programmatic TV trailblazers understand that local TV with its vast pool of inventory, depth of analysis capabilities, optimization techniques, and audience scale is a great proving ground.” — Cordie DePascale, VP of product & partner solutions, Mediaocean  


More >>

Digital Video Fraud, Viewability And The $50 Rolex

“TV advertising will win in spite of its “legacy” media perception, since it delivers real viewership at real scale with real impact.”  —Dave Morgan, CEO, Simulmedia   More >>

More U.S. homes are streaming video, but live TV still dominates

“When it comes to time spent, live TV continues to reign supreme. Television continues to play a major role in the lives of the American consumer.”—Nielsen, “Live Watch Report” More >>

Facebook vs. TV: Marketing’s New Enemy is ‘Truthiness’

“The bigger truth is this: On a monthly basis, millennials watch 64 hours of TV (on a TV set), while they spend 23 hours with Facebook.” — Sean Cunningham, President & CEO, Video Advertising Bureau (VAB)
More >>

Why Barry Diller Is Bullish on Local TV

“I’ve always thought the last one standing is a local television station. People like to know about things in their area: weather, sports. Local, local, local, is always going to be relevant for television.” — Barry Diller, chairman, IACMore >>

Social Media Takes Television Back in Time

“Largely because of social media, TV is becoming an interactive, communal experience. It is best experienced live, because that’s when everyone else is watching, too.” — Farhad Manjoo, Media Writer, The New York TimesMore >>

Presidential candidates should ramp up TV ad spend

“2016 presidential hopefuls should start investing more heavily in television ads now if they’re serious about winning.” —Chuck Todd, NBC News political directorMore >>

Why Tech Rebels Like Uber, Jet and Fitbit Are Embracing Traditional Advertising

“TV was and is the most effective way to get the message to the broadest number of people.” Howard Belk, co-CEO & creative chief, Siegel+GaleMore >>

Television is the New Television

“Not only has the Web not destroyed TV, but the source of new media’s strength – attracting ever more traffic, truly phenomenal traffic – may in fact become its greatest weakness.”    —Michael Wolff, author, journalist and speaker at #TVBForward15More >>

TV Remains King in Political Ad Spending

“No one ever lost a campaign because they were on TV. They’ve lost campaigns because they weren’t on TV.”  —Dave Carney, a Republican strategistMore >>

We Stand With WDBJ

“We are profoundly saddened by the senseless murders of Alison Parker and Adam Ward, two journalists with deep ties to their communities who were pursuing their dreams in local broadcast TV. Our thoughts and prayers are with their loved ones and the WDBJ family.”  —Steve Lanzano, President & CEO, TVBMore >>

TV is Alive and Thriving

“Remember live TV is still the overwhelming majority of viewing. When you add VOD, DVR and over-the-top ad supported TV programming, TV viewing has never been healthier.” —Bill Livek, Vice Chair & CEO, RentrakMore >>

How Much Time Do We Spend With Commercial And Ad-Free TV?

“Millennials still devote 22 hours per week to linear TV, compared to only three hours to Netflix/Amazon/Hulu, whose combined penetration is only 40% nationally. Traditional TV will continue to dominate time spent viewing by 18-34-year-olds for a long time to come.” —Media Dynamics, Inc.More >>

Broadcast Still Video’s Biggest, Best Platform

“For all the talk of erosion, fragmentation and irrelevance, the Big Four remain at the pinnacle of the TV ziggurat. That is worth repeating again and again because marketers, advertisers and media agencies can get distracted by digital.” —Harry A. Jessell, editor, TVNewsCheckMore >>

Want to Improve Your Business Revenue? Buy More TV Ads

“Almost all of the companies that increased their TV spending from 2011 to 2014 also saw substantial growth in revenue, stock price and earnings per share. Meanwhile, the companies whose TV spending decreased underperformed the averages of the 100 companies.”   
-VAB, A QUESTION OF IMPACT: Exploring the Correlation Between TV Spending and Business Performance
More >>

New Data Shows Broadcast TV One of the Most-Turned-to Sources for News

“Even as digital becomes an increasingly essential part of Americans’ news diets, local TV continues to be one of the most-turned-to sources for news. In 2014, it grew its average viewership and there were more than 800 news-producing local TV stations in the U.S.”   — Katerina Eva Matsa, Research Associate, Pew Research CenterMore >>

Five Reasons Programmatic TV Is Set To Skyrocket

“TV is by far still the most convincing advertising medium. You simply can’t put 30 seconds of stunning visuals accompanied by mesmerizing audio into a small screen video ad or an even smaller 300x50 static banner. While TV is battling for eyeballs, 70 inches still trumps five-inch mobile or 14-inch laptop screens.”   — Andreas Schroeter, co-founder and COO, wywyMore >>

The Vast Majority of People Still Get Their News From TV

“The vast majority of people across all ages still get most of their news from television. Even the 18-24 demographic, much touted by messaging-app makers and social network executives as a hungry new audience, prefers TV news to news via social media.”   — Leo Mirani, Reporter, QuartzMore >>

Why TV Is Still the Most Effective Advertising Medium

TV is the giant megaphone. When you want to get a message out, that's still really the most powerful means to do it…We're not saying that digital is bad, but digital just can't make up the reach that TV delivers … TV really works, and there are ways to make it work better in challenging times.”  — Isaac Weber, VP, strategy, MarketShare More >>

Millennials and the Big Shift in TV Habits

“When you think about the sheer amount of exposure and time, there’s no question TV ads are influential.”  — Jerry Belson, vice chairman and U.S. media and entertainment leader at Deloitte  More >>

Everybody Says Network TV is Dying. Nobody Told Network TV.

“Network TV [isn’t] just salvageable. It could maybe still thrive…More and more, the solution seems to be emphasizing the first syllable in ‘broadcast.’”  — Todd VanDerWerff, Culture Editor, VoxMore >>

Broadcast TV News Grows in Relevance

“By any measure, broadcasters are resonating at extremely high levels with media consumers. The resilience, relevance and reliance news consumers continue to place on broadcasters is eye-opening.”  — Seth Geiger, President of SmithGeigerMore >>

Stuart Elliott: A Modest Proposal for One Video Marketplace

“[Television is] the most powerful marketing medium ever devised, an ad delivery system with enormous reach that has helped build brands worth billions of dollars.”  — Stuart Elliott, Media Village   More >>

Outside Voices: In Defense of TV - It’s Actually ‘VT’

“Even against the backdrop of increased on-demand viewing, traditional scheduled television has a continued ability to create true urgent cultural events, moments of community and shared simultaneous viewing that just can’t be replicated on other platforms.”  — Josh Sapan, CEO, AMC Networks    More >>

During Baltimore’s Painful Week, Local TV Reporters Shine

“I never think about which TV networks or anchors I trust to break news to me in times of crisis, until I’ve been parked in front of the television for hours, scared to move or to break eye contact with the screen. I don’t realize it’s the anchor’s soothing voice or the on-the-ground reporter’s empathetic interviewing style that’s tethering me to their coverage, until I feel my heart rate steadying. So it didn’t immediately occur to me that I was favoring local news networks, rather than cable ones, in the aftermath of Freddie Gray’s death and Baltimore’s ongoing response to it. But since Monday, when the city’s unrest reached a boiling point, Baltimore’s WJZ and WBAL have been the only networks I’ve trusted.”  — Stacia Brown, Writer & Contributor, Washington PostMore >>

Popchips CMO: TV Still the Most Effective Ad Medium

“From my standpoint, the most effective and efficient way to reach consumers is still TV, which is why we’ve started doing a lot more of it. It is still the best giant megaphone available to marketers and a great way to reach a lot of people at once.”  — Marc Seguin, CMO, PopchipsMore >>

Gordon Smith Keynote at 2015 NAB Show

“Television stations are more relevant, more vital and more trusted than ever before.

What if… Communities didn't have a medium that could instantaneously warn them of impending danger.

What if… the investigative units that uncover government corruption and scams, keeping our citizens informed and protected, went away?

What if… there were no local stations to help connect small businesses with their consumers, spurring economic activity and creating jobs and opportunity?

We can't take what we have for granted, and we have to work together to remind policymakers of broadcasting's immense value to their communities.”  — Gordon Smith, President and CEO, NAB
More >>

US 2016 Candidates Stay Tuned to TV Advertising

“Television commands a premium for attracting a mass audience. For a candidate to brand himself and the campaign broadly, broadcast TV is where you go.” — Carl Salas, VP, Senior Credit Officer, Moody’s Investor ServicesMore >>

TV Will Remain A 'Powerhouse' Media For Years To Come

“The traditional TV business is a real powerhouse, and it is still the medium of choice for many marketers. It offers volume and scale like no other medium. Video pales in comparison. TV is likely to remain as powerful in the future — it's 100% viewable. ” — John Montgomery, COO, GroupM Interaction …More >>

Dan Harmon on Community’s New Season on Yahoo and the Future of Broadcast TV

“Broadcast networks still have a huge advantage in the comedy world. All the comedy writers still fantasize about having a network show…with networks, you get to have the best people in props, wardrobe, lighting the scene. People will continue to thirst for quality, and nobody is in a better position to give that than broadcast TV. ” — Dan Harmon, Creator, Community     …More >>

Mel’s Diner: Godfather of Retrans Cash: Local Media Model Is ‘Stronger Than Ever’

“When I started in this business—and when I started this company in 1996—we had one revenue stream. We sold advertising on the TV station. [Between core advertising, political, digital and distribution revenue], we now have four distinct revenue contributors and these mineral rights of spectrum. I think that our basic economic model is stronger than it ever has been.” — Perry Sook, Chairmen, President & CEO, Nexstar Broadcasting Group    …More >>

’12 Years a Slave’ Scribe John Ridley Sets Daring Sights on TV With ‘American Crime’

“We never got the note back, ‘What you’re doing is arty and provocative, but be mindful, it’s network.’ … I’m not saying I’m not going to do films anymore, but having been away from television for a while, and to come back and see how network television has evolved…it’s definitely a space I would like to stay in.” — John Ridley, Academy Award winner & Executive Producer of American Crime, AB…More >>

#SNL40 Was the Kind of Cultural Milestone Only Broadcast TV Can Provide

“At a time when various media observers and the sycophants that hang on their every word seem almost to delight in daily assertions that broadcast television is prehistoric, irrelevant, en route to extinction, etc., it seems to me that the titanic accomplishment that is 'SNL' from its humble beginnings to the present day stands as a formidable example of what broadcast did and is still able to do in a way that no entertainment franchise in any other medium can hope to match.” — Ed Martin, TV Programming Commentator, MediaBizBloggers…More >>


“I checked out @SlingTV from Dish. Couldn't get past the stunted lineup. No broadcast channels. It just ain't TV.” &mdash—Todd Spangler, NY Digital Editor, Variety …More >>

Yes, A Super Bowl Ad Really Is Worth $4 Million

“My enthusiasm for the Super Bowl isn’t because I love to gamble—quite the contrary. It’s because I prefer to play it safe with money. And, for good marketers with smart and creative ad agencies, the Super Bowl is one the safest bets I’ve ever seen. What other event better allows your brand and products to be talked about for weeks leading up to the event, during the event, and for weeks, months, and even years after the event? There isn’t one.” —Rob Siltanen, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Siltanen & Partners   …More >>

Online Political Ads Have Been Slow To Catch On As TV Reigns

“For all of the advances in the use of data and digital tools, broadcast advertising still claims the largest share of campaign budgets…It is hard to find evidence of a shift away from broadcast spending to digital in the 10 most highly contested House races in 2014. This shows a reluctance on the part of campaigns and consultants to move away from television, and uncertainty about the effectiveness and accuracy of online targeting.” —Derek Willis, Journalist, New York Times …More >>

23 Network Chiefs on Frustrating Trends, Coveted Reboots and the Series They Can't Miss

“When this TV season is over, the headline should be: ‘Broadcast television is alive and well.” —Gary Newman. Co-Chairman, CEO, Fox Television Group …More >>

Remote Production Can Revolutionize Live TV

“Viewers today eat up live programming of all types. Live programming — with its potential for enrichment and analysis — is also a powerful asset for broadcasters against the encroachment of OTT services. The ability to cover news live, cost effectively and with the highest quality is more significant than ever for today’s newsroom.” —Geir Bryn-Jensen, Nevion CEO…More >>

Promising Prognostication for Broadcast

“Pronounced dead five years ago by many gurus, TV is back with a vengeance. Smart consumer brands like P&G are finding that TV is more effective than ever at creating awareness and memory in markets.” —Bill Lee, Founder, Center for Customer Engagement…More >>

In Internet Age, Ratings Show TV News Remains Relevant

“Not only are rumors of our death greatly exaggerated — we are a growth stock. And I have a secret theory that perhaps the best thing that happened to us is the rise of other media devices. The miniaturization of everything else has made us loom a little larger.” —Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News anchor…More >>

James Murdoch Touts Studio Success, Talks Succession

“The real killer app in digital actually is TV...”
—James Murdoch, Co-Chief Operating Officer, 21st Century Fox…More >>

Peter Pan Live! Was So Bad and Also So, So Good

“It is only the second year in a row that NBC has aired a live musical in December, but it already feels like something of a holiday tradition....In no time at all, these live musicals have made themselves into communal events, and there is something lovely about sharing an experience with so many other people..."—Willa Paskin, Slate television critic.…More >>

Dumb Stuff Said in Washington, D.C.

When the leader of the free world and the administrator of FEMA say “Trust your local broadcaster,” perhaps it’s time for Ivory Tower academics to acknowledge that free and local broadcasting remains an indispensable resource for every American.—Dennis Wharton, EVP Communications, NAB…More >>

CBSN: An Interactive Streaming News Network

“It's day one of the new world order. CBS News has created an online live/on-demand 15 hour per day news service targeting consumers who prefer to consume video news on connected devices…. Everyone should take note of today's date. It's an important day in history for Television the platform (not the art form).” — Shelly Palmer…More >>

Priceline 'Breakthrough' in Reducing Dependence on Google

“'(TV) has been a real breakthrough for us. Our dependence on Google has lessened,’ said Darren Huston, Group CEO, Priceline. During Priceline’s third quarter earnings call, he added that TV advertising enhances the company’s ability to drive customers direct to its websites.” —Dennis Schaal …More >>

How Unbundling Content And Audience Will Negatively Impact Advertisers

“We cannot forget the plain and simple truths about TV. First, it is the only platform that aggregates all of America. Second, if you want Americans to consider your product (search for it online), they usually need to hear about it on TV. And lastly, from a media efficiency perspective, advertisers only pay for the target audience reached. The non-target audience reach is free. That’s a pricing model that no other medium can match.” — John Piccone, CRO Simulmedia…More >>

Michael Wolff on HBO, CBS Streaming: TV Is Disrupting the Internet

“The solipsism of the tech community sees the CBS and HBO migrations to stand-alone streaming services as a satisfying disruption of the TV business. But that's a striking inversion of what's actually happening: TV is disrupting the Internet.” — Michael Wolff, The Hollywood Reporter More >>

Fall's Buzziest Shows: 'Gotham,' 'Murder'

More folks are talking about new shows than last fall, and more of those conversations are positive, according to new data from a survey about the 24 new broadcast series conducted by research firm Keller Fay Group, provided exclusively to USA TODAY. While Twitter and Facebook often are used as measuring sticks for buzz, 90% of conversations about TV shows take place one-on-one, the firm says. — Gary Levin, USA TodayMore >>

How TV's Sports Addiction Could Destroy Its Business

“…it's not clear how much longer the typical family can afford the luxury of pay-TV…Expanded basic cable is 188 percent more expensive than it was in 1995, but the typical U.S. family is about 5 percent richer.” — Derek Thompson…More >>

Zenith Makes Rentrak ‘The’ - Not ‘A’ - Currency For Local TV Buys

“Zenith is proud to be at the beginning of a big industry change. For the first time in industry history, we are replacing the low-response rate, highly unpredictable surveys and diaries with massive and passive measurement.” — Zenith’s Chief Data Officer Rob Jayson …More >>

‘The Good Wife’ Opens Season 6 with Typically Superb Episode

“Cable — who needs it? The best show on TV is on broadcast, and it’s back at last.”  —Elisabeth Vincentelli, The New York PostMore >>

TVB Forward Conference 2014: Keynote Interview

“I think Local Broadcast needs to think about a name change because you guys aren’t in the broadcast business any more. You are in the business of delivering video content in a local market.”  — Irwin Gotlieb, Global Chairman, GroupM…More >>

TVB Forward: Chairman's Welcome

“The goal is accurate measurement, which is valid, reliable and effective.  It is time for a reset, consider this TVB’s verbal RFP to Nielsen, Rentrak or anyone else who wants local television’s measurement business in the future...”  — Bill Fine, President & General Manager WCVB-TV, Chairman, TVB Board of Directors

TV’s Not Dying (And Neither Is Homer Simpson)

“So long as new brands who rely on video’s unique attributes continue to emerge, and so long as television continues to dwarf all other sources of video-based media, the medium of television can continue to postpone a decline that many believe has already begun.”  — Brian Wieser, CFA Senior Research Analyst Pivotal Research Group…More >>

For Emmys, Social TV Is Growing Up

“People who talk a lot about TV programs also talk a lot about brands, we find that 64% of people who tweet about brands also tweet about TV... And those people are much more enthusiastic about their brand Tweeting than those who don't also post about TV...which means if you’re looking for an audience that are likely to amplify your brand messaging, finding really social TV programs is a good place to go.”  — Deirdre Bannon, VP Product, Nielsen Social…More >>

TV Still Dominates World Media Use

“Worldwide, TV viewing remains the single biggest media activity. On average, 2.58 hours per day are consumed globally, according to London-based GlobalWebIndex’s recent Media Consumption report. The U.S. remains the biggest TV market, with an average of 4.33 hours a day.”  — Wayne Freedman, MediaPost More >>

Cultural Changes In Attitude Toward TV

"Really, television is now more than ever at the center of culture…You can go to a sophisticated party in New York City now and people will be talking about television programming…You can go to a bar in a lower socio-economic neighborhood and they'll be talking about television. They may be talking about different programs, but they'll be talking about television"  — David Poltrack, CBS' Chief Researcher …More >>

Back-to-School Season Should be 'One of Best': Retail Expert

"Apparel is good and there are a lot of new trends out there that we think the customer will respond to for fall," said retail analyst Mary Epner, a former executive of Saks Fifth Avenue and Aeropostale. "We think it's going to be one of the best retail back-to-school fall periods that we've seen in a long time."  — Mary Epner, Retail Analyst …More >>

Planners See Taking Advantage of Technology As Winning Strategy

The reports of TV’s death are greatly exaggerated. In fact, in some ways, technology has only made TV viewing more vibrant and potentially relevant. Consumers are now viewing TV while engaging with multiple devices, enabling them to search for products and interact in real time with other consumers, influencers or even the brands they’re seeing on their TV screens. Viewers can provide immediate commentary and feedback, read product reviews and even purchase in the moment; technology is actually making TV viewing far more social and instantaneous, pulling the viewing experience further down the purchase funnel. In many cases, this has shortened the purchase journey to a matter of minutes or even seconds. — Kristin Goodloe, MediaComMore >>

TCA: Networks Urge Press To Abandon Live + Same Day Ratings Reports

“If you were a sports reporter, you would not report the winner based on the third-inning score – that’s what you’re doing if you use Live + Same Day ratings.” — CBS Research guru David Poltrack (as reported in Deadline Hollywood)  …More >>

TV Viewers Of The World, Untie: Finally Cutting Cable

“I hadn't thought about a TV antenna since 1985, but it may be time to go back to the future… Since 2009, U.S. TV signals have been digital and usually broadcast in high-definition. If you watch mostly network shows like "NCIS," (a digital antennae)  may be all you need. Some videophiles argue aerial signals are even sharper than cable's compressed video, and over-the-air broadcasts work with DVRs like the TiVo.” —Geoffrey A. Fowler, The Wall Street JournalMore >>

Local Broadcast Stocks Win Big

With Aereo dispatched, the market will begin to recognize other opportunities that make (broadcast TV) stocks attractive. Political ads on local TV could rise 13% this year from 2010….Meanwhile, the comeback in auto sales has restored local stations' best advertisers.  TV's bears will still point to a slide in ratings for broadcast television -- Americans' attention has become a fickle thing. But the value of TV's advertising actually rises with our distraction. There's still no better way to mass an audience.  — Alexander Eule, Barron’s…More >>

Aereo Court Loss Protects $4 Billion in Broadcast Fees

CBS Chief Executive Officer, Les Moonves, reacts to Wednesday’s Supreme Court decision on Aereo in an interview with Bloomberg Television: “And all that’s important here is that broadcasters and cable content companies and everyone who’s involved with the content producing business gets paid appropriately for their content. So it’s a very good day for our future.” - CBS Chief Executive Officer Les Moonves…More >>

Wall Street Journal: Mars CMO Pledges Allegiance to Broadcast TV in WSJ Interview

Bruce McColl, a 22-year Mars veteran, when asked in a Q&A with The Wall Street Journal which platform he would choose if he could only pick one to market the company’s products, said, “Broadcast TV.” “Our approach to marketing is to make sure we know what will drive our business. It [broadcast TV] has the biggest reach... If we want to grow, we have to reach a lot of people and we have to nudge and remind them to remember Pedigree, Snickers and Uncle Bens. That leads to our creative ambition which is entertainment. How do we entertain people? They are not lined up waiting to hear our next piece of communication. And that has to be done at scale.”   — Bruce McColl, Chief Marketing Officer, Mars, Inc.  More>>

Campaigns & Elections: It’s TV + Online, Not TV vs. Online

“As we hear various versions of the following comments: ‘This is the year of online, digital and mobile’ or ‘TV is losing viewers in droves’ or ‘TV spending is dropping faster than (insert bad political metaphor of your choice),’ we remain skeptical. Why? The reality is that, so far, those predictions have not come true. There are two things to consider: First, broadcast TV is still the most effective way to reach the largest number of voters and move poll numbers; Second, TV is fighting back and is becoming highly targetable. We won’t see TV spending be surpassed by online spending. Rather they will become completely integrated.” — Russ Schriefer, Partner, Strategic Partners & Shannon Chatlos, Managing Partner, SalientMG  

EMMYS: ‘True Detective’, ‘Fargo’ & Other Hopefuls Continue TV’s Rich Legacy

“‘It’s not like TV has suddenly become amazing and great—it’s always been amazing and great,’ declares Under the Dome executive producer Neal Baer. What’s new today is that TV is a creation of quantity as much as quality, with many more outlets and platforms to grab high-value consumers’ attention with content that up until just a decade ago would have made its home solely in the movies. We have traditional TV trying to recoup some of the luster it lost to non-advertiser-supported programming, but either way, the economics and creativity sit squarely in the small screen’s favor. ” —Dominic Patten, Reporter, Deadline Hollywood …More>>

Facebook's Plan to Go After 25 Million Small Businesses Could Backfire

“Will Facebook be a partner to small business, or just another vendor? This is an important inflection point for the social network, and millions of small businesses across the country. It's also a reminder to all businesses — large and small — that branding must come first.” —Ryan Wallerstein, co-founder Ramify Media  …More>>

Bill Koenigsberg Elected Chairman Of The 4A's Board

Koenigsberg is the first chairman from a media agency to head the 4A’s board. “With so much change, the opportunity for the 4A's and my fellow board members to help shape the future of marketing has never been bigger,” Koenigsberg said. “It’s also time to empower our industry’s young talent with a platform to facilitate change not only within our industry but for the greater good.” – Bill Koenigsberg, CEO and founder, Horizon Media, Chairman of the Board of the 4A's,…More>>

Stations Expand Scope Of Tornado Warnings

“I join with public safety officials, elected representatives and countless Americans in thanking local radio and television broadcasters in the South for their remarkable efforts to keep citizens informed and safe during the killer tornadoes and devastating rains this week. As we've seen time and again, broadcasters take seriously our role as 'first informers' during emergency situations and are committed to using all our resources at our fingertips to keep people safe from harm.” - NAB President and CEO, Gordon Smith…More>>

People Talking Politics: A Closer Look at the Media We Reference in Political Conversation

Recently, the Supreme Court lifted the aggregate limits on campaign contributions from private individuals, protecting Americans’ right to Free Speech and the ability to financially bolster a political point-of-view.   Whether or not you philosophically agree with the Court’s decision, Free Speech is one of our most precious American rights, and we’ve come a long way since the printing press was the most expedient method of disseminating political opinion. …More >

Broadcast Television's Screens Are Alive

“…Live (event) TV is interesting to a lot of TV advertisers. Advertisers are demanding immediacy. Amassing an audience on a particular night is important.” Darcy Bowe, VP-director of video at Starcom USA…More>>

Is This the Long-Awaited Answer to Measuring Video Viewers Everywhere They're Watching? Handicapping the cross-platform players

“What the industry needs is the ability to continuously monitor the migration of consumption across platforms and understand the value of one platform versus another,” says Lyle Schwartz, managing partner and director of research and marketplace analysis at GroupM Worldwide. -Paul Heine…More>>

4As' Top Media Priorities: Multimedia Measurement, Addressable, Mobile Readiness

“John Montgomery, COO of GroupM Interaction and chairman of the 4As’ Media Leadership Council, said the council has adopted a new mission statement, with the primary objective being to ‘elevate media in all its forms as a crucial component within the advertising industry. It positions media as a key element in the mix of marketing solutions employed by our agencies’ clients.’”    Steve McClellan, MediaPost…More>>

Survey: TV Remains Top News Access Device

“Among all the new media devices, tablets, smart phones and other handheld, luggable and desk-bound computers, the TV set remains the top access device for news and local TV news remains the top outlet and the most trusted news source....According to a new survey, The Personal News Cycle from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the American Press Institute's Media Insight Project, 87% of those polled said they use television to get news.”…More>>

Nielsen’s Cross-Platform Reporting: Now with Accurate Digital Consumption

Previously relying on viewer surveys in which respondents recalled their behavior, Nielsen now uses metering devices in mobile phones which collect actual behavior. The difference is striking and is an important reminder of the dangers inherent in trusting consumers’ claimed behavior. It calls into question any of a number of recent studies that have proclaimed the demise of traditional media based on self-reported approximations of time spent with digital devices. …More >

Global Champions, Homegrown Heroes -- US Olympic Athletes Spur Local Television Viewing

As American athletes rise to the occasion, and the medal platform, hometown fans are making Local Broadcast Television an exceptional Olympic media platform. Get a closer look at the strength of hometown appeal in TV's latest Winter Olympic Games analysis.…More >

Couples Find TV Viewing A Bonding Experience

“The most popular shows for “couples” are some of the popular shows overall in television: CBS’ “Big Bang Theory” registered the best results (according to STRATA) with 9%, who said it was the top show watched with their significant other…
Almost 70% of married couples felt watching TV together as a couple is a bonding experience, while 28% said they watch in a separate room some of the time. Of those unmarried couples, 52% said they never watch TV in a different room from their partner, with 28% saying they would only do so rarely.” – Wayne Friedman, Media Daily News …More>>

The IAB Shows What’s Driving Auto Sales – And We Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves

A new research study released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) confirms that TV is the most influential of all media for driving auto sales.  …More >

Welcoming Home Nielsen’s New Leader


An Open Letter to Mitch Barns, new CEO of Nielsen.…More >

Television - The Most Alive Medium for Shifting Times


For all of those who have come to bury TV, let's go over some facts that prove just how dominant television is in American life.…More >

Nielsen’s Open-Ear Policy Isn’t Telling the Whole Picture


Nielsen has released its 3Q 2013 Cross Platform Report.  It should be no surprise that traditional television is still king. …More >

Where Does the Internet Go When It Wants…More?


Television has become the “not-so-secret” weapon of many of the most successful websites in building brand awareness and becoming  household names.…More >

It’s Time to Stop Shifting the Discussion about Local Time Shifting


A recent New York Times article talked about the growing "extended time-shifted" audience in national viewing.  But when you look at the numbers, it gets even more interesting in local markets.…More >

Local Television Makes a Small Thanks-giving, Epic


The best moments of television are often community moments.  When one woman was surprised with a stranger's act of kindness, she wanted to share his “thanks-giving” with everyone.  So she called her local TV station.…More >

Together Local TV and Auto Sales are a Well-Oiled Machine


When it comes to new car sales, never overlook the biggest motivator to get customers into the showroom and driving off with a new car: local broadcast television.…More >

Drunk Driving Hits a Broadcast Roadblock

Is there a better use of Television than saving lives?
2013 marks the 10th anniversary of Project Roadblock, a Local Broadcast Television initiative to donate on-air, online and mobile time and space to help stop drunk driving during one of the most deadly auto fatality weeks of the year – Christmas through New Year’s Eve.…More >

Broadcast TV Finds Its Spooky Spirit

It’s not hard to figure out why TV loves Halloween as a theme.  It’s visual, it’s got great storylines, and viewers love the escapism of it all. Halloween is great fun, which is exactly why it’s great TV.…More >

Tuning in Happiness: Why Broadcast Still Wins With Viewers

A strength of Broadcast TV is in the ability to build audience flow, not just one-and-done hits. Cable may have some fleeting buzz around single shows, but broadcast delivers something that cable never can — consistency.…More >

Television’s Hierarchy of Needs

The metrics that we use to analyze television are complicated.  But if you step back and simplify things, looking at it from the mind of a viewer, it actually fills some very basic human needs.…More >

Local Broadcast Television Is In the Pink


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Local broadcasters have more than just a passing association with this cause – for them, it's a deeper commitment to their community. They allow us to see how it impacts the people behind the pink ribbons.…More >

TV… Not History


Two medium-defining events happened nearly fifty years ago. What began with the Kennedy Assassination and the Beatles' appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show continues as strongly as ever today – Television is where we go to share our history as it happens.…More >

2013 Forward Conference Welcome (excerpt)


TVB Board Chairman Bill Fine opens the 2013 Forward Conference with thoughts about the power and impact of local broadcast television.…More >

The Shiny New Object


Everybody's always talking about the "shiny new object." Here's one that should really stand the test of time, because it already has. It's wireless, it's digital, it's mobile, and so much more. What is this "shiny new object," anyway?…More >

People Are Watching More TV – Media, Consider Yourselves Alerted


In their latest Cross Platform Report, Nielsen shines their spotlight on VOD. But behind the headline, there stands an important story: Americans are watching more traditional television.…More >

Taking Multicultural Beyond Ethnicity


There's no question that we're living in a multicultural world, but if you don't think of groups like Working Moms as a culture, you're definitely not getting all the answers about what makes up a culture in this day and age.…More >

The Mourning Show: TV’s Social Connection


Conversations on social media are driven by television. This summer saw people turn to social media in droves to mourn the passing of many celebrities who became famous because of television. But even if you didn't know the star, you certainly knew the show. …More >

2012: The Year TV Finally Stopped the Presses


2012 was a milestone year in the relationship between local television and local newspapers. Local advertising spending finally came in sync with the times, as Newspaper hands off yet another crown to Television.…More >

Television One Zero


The fact is, it's now impossible to separate "television" from "digital". As an industry, "television" has had an easier time of changing its infrastructure than changing perceptions. It's hard to hear the word "digital" without instantly associating it with a dot-com. But not including television within any discussion of digital media is grossly misrepresenting the role that digital plays in our lives today. …More >

The End of Daytime Drama (But It’s Probably Not What You Think)


As recently as 2010, industry veterans were calling the Daytime Drama genre "a relic" and "an artifact". Fast forward to 2013, and Soaps are enjoying some renewal — particularly in some local markets.…More >

Tweeting the Shark?


"Sharknado" caused a stir in the Twitterverse last week. Yet as a TV event, the SyFy movie delivered almost 7 million fewer viewers than a Big Bang Theory summer repeat airing opposite it. So was "Sharknado" really a TV event or a social one?…More >

Let’s Get Local, Local…


Oftentimes, marketers with no natural ties to a community can struggle with local marketing. With their multitude of local digital assets, TV stations have the resources to help marketers build those local bridges to their customers.…More >

Singing a Local Song


Music is many things – it’s personal, it’s emotional, it’s visceral, it’s global. But it’s also very local. Innovative producers will take music that’s been made for national use and customize it to better connect with consumers where they live.…More >

The Red, White, and Blue of Our American Heroes Never Fades


The 4th of July is a potent reminder about how much America values its military men and women. The North Carolina Association of Broadcasters extended that love at a special event to some long-deserving soldiers from the past - our Vietnam Veterans.…More >

3D’s Cautionary Tale


There may be many reasons why 3D faltered, but there are even more that prove how TV continues to evolve in new, exciting and important ways.…More >

Feeding the Binge Viewer


Binge viewing is not a sudden craze introduced by Netflix downloads. It's been the delight of viewing consumers for decades to customize their libraries of video entertainment with the use of DVR and VHS.…More >

Yes, Digital is Local – Exploring Borrell’s Online Revenue Report


Local online advertising has become a layered, evolving ecosystem that TV stations can approach in many ways. In this local digital space, broadcasters prove there really is something for everyone. …More >

The 2012/2013 Television Season: The More Things Change…


When we took a look at the results of the past season, we saw an interesting thing. Stability. This season ended like every other season before it—dominated by broadcast.…More >

Broadcast – Alive, Well and Flourishing

By Steve Lanzano
President and CEO, TVB

It's Upfront Season and time for the annual headlines proclaiming the demise of Broadcast TV. The fact is, whether it’s for Specials, top-tier Primetime programming, Late Night, Early Morning, or Local News, at every turn Broadcast is still the largest part of the evolving media ecosystem……More >

Can You Put a Price On Trust?


Why do some marketers believe they are better served by national network and cable news, and ignore the most valuable, trusted and targeted programming available – local broadcast news?…More >

Live Plus Same Day: TVB’s Unshifting Position

By Steve Lanzano
President and CEO, TVB

Simply put, Live + Same Day data is not only more accurate, it is the most logical and reasonable measure of local television viewing. It mirrors the three-day time-shifted currency currently accepted by network advertisers and prepares local TV measurement to progress as the national currency advances to capture C7 and cross platform viewing… More >>
Click here for Local Live + Same Day Ratings Analysis…More >

When Crisis Strikes Home, Viewers Turn To Hometown TV Stations

By Bill Fine TVB Chairman

In one jarring moment, this year’s Boston Marathon immediately pivoted from celebrating the triumph of the human spirit to witnessing the devastation of terrorism. In the immediate moments that followed, the people of Boston demonstrated the kind of human endurance seen in elite athletes as well as heroism reminiscent of the courage of our historic patriots. Today’s patriots are the first responders. They are the ones who put the public’s safety above their own – police, fire and medical personnel who rush into dangerous situations without delay. Local TV broadcasters are a crucial part of these first-response teams……More >

Television Cameras Don’t Shut Off Once Elections Are Over


In today's plugged-in, always-on society, political coverage is necessary 365 days a year, and local broadcasters are practicing what they preach - by holding their elected officials accountable, even after the campaigns are over. …More >

Hold Your App-pause - Twitter "Friends" the DVR


Viewers who opt to watch their favorite programs time-shifted have to deal with an unfortunate side effect - spoliers in social media. That is, until now. One company has a way to time-shift online comments. Meet the latest Internet time machine.
More >

An Open Letter to Overextended Media Buyers and Planners


There are many components to consider when developing a well-thought out media plan. In an open letter to media planners, we address perhaps the most basic of considerations: cost.…More >

Mars Tweets! And Fans Respond, With Their Wallets


Veronica Mars took their case directly to their fans - and their "Resurrect Our Show" campaign paid off quickly, thanks to the power of the motivated broadcast viewer.…More >

Messing with the (Day)Time/Space Continuum


Daytime may be the place to find soaps, games, and talk. But it’s also the place to find more viewers than you might expect – especially when you look at where they live.…More >

We’ve Almost Always Gotten the Future Wrong – And That’s A Good Thing


In 1967, legendary TV newsman Walter Cronkite hosted a special which previewed the “Home of the 21st Century.” While some of the ideas came true, others were somewhat off the mark – and there are some things in our present that they never would’ve seen coming. Turn on your second screen and let’s look at what the future used to look like.…More >

Broadcast vs. Cable: 5 Recent Truths


We often talk about the ongoing advantages that Broadcast TV has over cable. Instead, we decided to take a look at some very current examples of those advantages. Here are five. …More >

Now Even the Watercooler is Watching Television


The recent acquisition of Bluefin Labs by Twitter is the latest indication of just how much television is the lifeblood of social media. Twitter just wouldn’t be the same without TV. Now they can see just how much. …More >

YouTube – Or Is That


YouTube is working on plans to launch a subscription model for users who wish to view certain channels of special content. Sounds like the online service is letting their TV envy get the best of them. So why are they aiming to be a cable network? …More >

Marking TV’s “Cuban” Influence


Mark Cuban is many things: an entrepreneur, a self-made Internet billionaire, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and advocate of broadcast television. Here’s why he thinks that television is the most powerful social medium we have. …More >

So Lance Admits Guilt on Cable, But Did Anyone See Him Fall?


Lance Armstrong finally gave his public apology to Oprah Winfrey. But by appearing on cable, he missed nearly all of the public. …More >

Electing a President: When the Stakes are this High, Local Broadcast Television Delivers


Any group that might be critical in an election is targetable – and reachable, in mass numbers – by Local Broadcast Television. That's what makes it the principal medium for any political campaign.…More >

What Topped TV’s Holiday List? Tablets!


In spite of industry speculation that second screens will result in even more media fragmentation, it appears instead that they’re broadening it. Today’s consumer is well versed in splitting their attention without losing their focus. Not only is today’s viewer comfortable with the concept of time-shifting, but they’re becoming just as at ease with screen-shifting. Tablets are acting as tools to augment their quest for more and more television. And Broadcasters are eagerly leading the charge into 2013 with viewing options on every screen.…More >

Lessons From a Dark and Stormy Night


Today’s television landscape has grown in ways like no other in our history – not just for what we watch, but when, how, and where. There should be just as much search for innovation in measuring the media as there is for delivering the content. Sometimes, reminders come out of the blue…More >

Project Roadblock – Broadcast Television Drives the Message Home


Each year, the six days between Christmas and New Year’s are particularly dangerous for America’s highways due to drunk drivers. That’s why the TVB has once again teamed with the Ad Council, the NHTSA, and hundreds of local TV stations for this year’s Project Roadblock. Saving lives is a commitment to the community we all should make – stations and drivers alike.…More >

Campaign Finance Inform: Giving Voters What They Don’t Pay For


There’s no denying that the advertising revenue is an important component to any discussion about politics in the media, yet it’s far from the only story.…More >

Local Broadcast TV a Super Signal in the Super Storm


During the beginning of this month, it became eminently clear to millions of Americans in the Northeast that at least one part of the future can’t come soon enough. Hurricane Sandy was the latest example of how isolating a blackout can be – not just a power blackout, but an information one as well. The ultimate answer for this lies right at our technological fingertips. It’s called Mobile Digital Television. …More >

For the Love of Electricity, Television, and the Jersey Shore (not that one)


Unlike the usual TVB commentary, this is being written remotely, on a computer that’s minimally powered by a portable generator, in an unheated home in northern New Jersey. And we’re among the lucky ones. Suffering without “real” electricity or the comforts of modern life are inconsequential compared to what’s happened to much of the rest of the Northeast during the past few days. Or so I’m told. The biggest impact in this house, along with millions of others across at least the New York DMA, is that this means we have no TV. Without being able to see what’s been going on, virtually in my own backyard, we’re blind, deaf, and dumb to all but our own neighborhood. 
More >

The Shining Bastion of Democracy in Action is... Television


With over 59 million people tuning into the final Presidential Debate – and with “The Voice” bringing in millions of viewers each week, it’s clear that after more than 200 years, television has done its part to get the electorate interested in the voting process again.…More >

Audiences, Not Binders

While it might seem that advertising to women on television is pretty straightforward, they are a complex target that doesn’t always fit neatly into a folder called “women’s television”. More >

Why “Upscale” Isn’t One Size Fits All

Does having a six figure job mean that you’ve “made it”? Not necessarily. Where you live has a direct impact about just how “upscale” you might be.More >

As the Ad Industry Envisions All That Is Bright and Shiny, Local TV Broadcasters Are Lighting the Way


Our Advertising Week experience has been exhilarating and affirming. Like the “CEO Connectors,” Local Broadcast Television CEOs are looking to the future of media with vigor and excitement. They are building on their powerful TV station platforms and commanding viewer relationships. Local Broadcast Television isn’t tomorrow’s shiny new thing, it’s today’s beacon into the future and we’re ready to work with progressive marketers.
More >

Doubt The Power of TV at Your Own Risk

A recent article by SAY Media led off with the rather misleading headline of "Off The Grid 2012," which would tend to imply that Americans - likely voters, specifically - are simply unplugging and walking away from all media. Their conclusion is, "much broadcast advertising is wasted..." Say, what? TVB President, Steve Lanzano responds in Campaigns & Elections. More >

Digital Advertising’s Geography Test

The digital footprint just got a little…smaller.

Borrell Associates, the digital media advertising research company, recently announced that they have developed 513 “DMRs” (Digital Marketing Regions) across the country to…More >

Tweaking the Balance: Optimizing a Nation

Do you remember a time when the most wonderful thing in our cars was a great stereo system – topped off by a graphic equalizer? We always had music in…More >

Primetime Across America

Now that we’re quickly approaching the new primetime television season, we thought it might be interesting to turn our typical “what shows are people watching in the local markets” analysis…More >

NBC Affiliates Covered in Record Breaking Olympic Gold

Here it is, seventeen days after the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics, and we’ve learned a few things. We learned that badminton is at least as intense off…More >

Global Champions, Homegrown Heroes


– US Olympic Athletes Spur Local Television Viewing –

Every two years, we watch with pride as our young athletes compete against the world’s best contenders for Olympic glory. Perhaps…More >

London Calling: NBC Scores With the Queen’s Opening Olympic Jump


The London 2012 Olympic Games opened fast straight out of the gate, answering the challenge of the Beijing Games of 2008 with a worldwide celebration and a Broadway-worthy English…More >

We Are All Aurora’s Family


The horrific massacre in the Century 16 Theater in Aurora, Colorado refocused a spotlight on an area already scarred by senseless gunfire. The echoes of Columbine underscore the shock…More >

The National Pastime Gets the Royal Treatment


With Kansas City as a backdrop, Major League Baseball celebrated itself with its annual All-Star Game recently, as the visiting National League shut out the American League 8-0. It…More >

The New American Settler


If there’s one thing that’s unmistakable and ingrained about being an American, it’s a certain amount of wanderlust. Most of our ancestors who chose to come to this country…More >

50 Shades of Red, White and Blue


The Fourth of July is one of those automatic holidays – there are some hard-wired traditions that Americans cherish, therefore supplying some semblance of uniformity no matter where you…More >

Taking the Cholesterol Message to America’s “Heart” Land


Healthcare concerns impact all of us. We’re all vulnerable, we’re all human. However, factors such as lifestyle, environment, and physical conditions vary across the country, each of which with…More >

My Commercial has a First Name…


Quick – sing with me the most popular commercial jingle right now. Bet you can’t. Not an original song for a commercial, anyway.

They’ve gone the way of whole…More >

Customers “Like” Spot TV Digital Content


Let’s paint a scenario for you. Imagine you wake up on January 21st of next year, and it’s snowing outside. (For this particular exercise, you do happen to live…More >

Shattering Scatter


There’s some institutional lunacy that defines the national television buying marketplace. What other buyer/seller dynamic exists where if sellers set their demands too high for a buyer’s liking, the…More >

Evaluating an Audience: Measure Twice, Cut Once


It should tell you something about the state of media today that if our largest national newspaper was a TV show, it wouldn’t even last four episodes before being…More >

TV’s Digital Subchannels: Narrowcasting to Subcommunities


Recently we took a look at the audience value of local broadcast TV’s digital subchannels (D2) to advertisers. What went unsaid at that point was the sociological value that…More >

Hey, Ad Men! Mad Men is Bad, Man!


Mad Men is not great television.

Just ask TV viewers in markets like, Denver, Miami, Phoenix, Seattle...and LA!

Let's be clear about something — this is not a value…More >

Cutting Down the Local Market Nets


Defining Local Passions Key to Ratings Success

The truth is “my old Kentucky home” should be a gymnasium.

Because the people of Kentucky – at least the leading Nielsen representative…More >

Don’t Over-Look Over-the-Air TV


While many American homes today have some sort of subscription television service, whether it’s through cable, satellite, or some other content-providing box attached to the television set, the NAB…More >

What’s Below a Subchannel? In Some Cases, Cable


Back in 2009 the television industry was in the full throes of opening up a fully-digital broadcasting spectrum, giving birth to a multitude of digital subchannels. At the time,…More >

“Game Change” – Moore, but Less

HBO’s movie adaptation of the book “Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime” focused its narrative upon Sarah Palin’s virtual takeover of…More >

The Pastry Economics of Television


Why There Should Be Room for 210 Spot Slices on Every Agency’s Diet Plan

Everywhere you look these days you see someone who is trying to make their money work…More >

Free Airtime Means Agenda-Free Citizenship


If you were to ask someone to name three words that are most associated with the ideals of the United States of America, there’s probably a 100% chance that…More >

Connecting with Black History Month


Think about your memories of Martin Luther King Jr.’s inspiring speeches, Jackie Robinson’s record-breaking plays and, more recently, President Barack Obama’s inauguration…are they, in fact, your memories, or snippets…More >

How 39 Million Can Equal 1: Grammy’s Unifying Night


We’re now a week removed from the news of Whitney Houston’s death and the subsequent Grammy Awards broadcast that galvanized the experience.

This clearly wasn’t something that would be…More >

Oprah Moves to Cable – And Irrelevance


To some, cable represents reinvention. It also implies that you’re just always available. But too often, omnipresence leads to irrelevance. It happened to baseball, as the game used to…More >

Super Bowl XLVI – Six Screens to Glory


I’m a Giants fan. I also work in the media industry. But up until Saturday, it pains me to admit that I was part of the 30% of homes…More >

Delivering Real Playoff NFL: Numbers For Local


The NFL’s Conference Championship Games broadcasts brought in huge audiences across the country, delivering national viewing numbers that were the highest in decades. But it’s at the local level…More >

Innovation is “Business-as-Usual” at TV Stations


A visit to’s Station Innovation quickly reveals that business is anything but “usual” at today’s television stations.

Sure, stations remain committed to providing their communities with the staple…More >

Fit to be Untied: Come Home to Free TV


In last week’s “Wall Street Journal”, Kevin Sintumuang wrote what was in effect a “Dear John” letter to cable TV. It’s a pretty bold statement to make, Kevin…More >

Local Broadcast Television – A Designated Sales Driver?


It looks like America’s love affair with cars is heating up again.

The news coming out of Detroit is that auto sales for 2011 are set to rise 10%…More >

2012 – A Big Year for Local Television


As we see the last of 2011 fall by the wayside, we at the TVB are enthusiastically looking forward to 2012, because it looks to be a banner year…More >

Broadcast Answers the Bell for Delivering Sports to Men


They say that all you need to do is to put sports on TV and men will find it. Well, it’s not always quite that easy.

In fact, lately it’s…More >

Funny You Should Ask – But Comedies Haven’t Gone Anywhere


A hot topic about television is the “Rebirth of the Sitcom.” Most point towards ABC’s Modern Family as the harbinger of this latest comedy renaissance on broadcast television. But…More >

Mobilizing On-The-Go Moms


Moms are on the go, go, go…carpooling kids, working out of the home and shopping for their families and the holidays. In their roles as breadwinners and caregivers, it…More >

A Lesson in Marketing Targeting from the Obese and Overweight


TVB presented at the Marketing Disease Prevention and Awareness: Marketing to the Overweight American Conference September 28, 2011, in Washington, DC. The conference was attended by marketers, advertising people,…More >

The United DMAs of America


One of the great enduring ideals that we hold about ourselves as Americans is that we are One. However, that’s just not entirely true. “One nation” is true – we…More >

See Spot Drive... Auto Sales


On 11/2/11, Spots n Dots reported “Sales Up 1.9%; Industry Up 8%” in their lead story on Automotive car sales in October. It was a modest, but positive, indicator for…More >

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