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A column where industry thought leaders share their POVs on issues that affect the broadcast media industry. (Feature commentaries do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVB.) We welcome your feedback to: commentary@tvb.org.

The Importance of Local Market Perspective

“As growth and competitive share challenges all businesses, a renewed understanding of the economic and social influences within local markets will enable marketing and advertising professionals to improve message relevance and investment opportunities.  Media strategies and advertising allocations as well as the complexity around measurement must also improve to enable more consistent transparency and comparable metrics at the local and national level.” — Maribeth Papuga, Executive-in-Residence to BIA/Kelsey

BIA/Kelsey Executive in Residence Series Data - Driven Audience Planning & the Local Market Advantage

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Magid Perspectives: Key Ad-Tech Trends For 2016

Strategic priorities are shifting, technological capabilities are growing stronger, and high-level competition among large tech players is heating up. All of these will squeeze companies across all media verticals. Magid looks forward to leveraging its digital and ad-tech expertise to guide its partners through the emerging challenges of digital advertising in the year ahead.…More >>

See It, Say It: TV Still Drives Political Conversations

“Local broadcast TV is not only the best conversation starter tool to help campaigns with name and issue recognition, it also beats out other mediums in being seen as the most trusted source of information. 79 percent say that they are most likely to trust news they get from their local TV stations, compared to cable with 62 percent. Regardless of their political affiliation, Americans trust their local television stations the most for news.” — Steve Lanzano, President & CEO, TVB …More >>

May I Define Your Attention, Please?

Attention should be the currency we use as an industry, and recognizing it as such is hugely important for anyone in the advertising, media, or content business.More >>

Sony’s Amy Carney on the New Challenges in Sales, Research and Data

In this fascinating interview, Carney talks about her career path, her work at SPT, the impact of research, data and programmatic on the business, how her mentor shaped her career and how she achieves work-life balance.More >>

Leveraging Local TV Broadcast Scale and Relevance to Ignite Foundational Change

“TV stations serve as the patriarchs of local media mainly because of their core advantage to deliver localism, reach, impact and trust.”  More >>

The Half-Hour Drama of Picking a Show to Watch

Emily Steel with the New York Times and Tim Stenovec with Business Insider review how television as we know it is being upended, who will be the winners and losers, and what it means for consumers.More >>

TV is dead! Long live TV!

“Banners, search ads and YouTube don’t sell burgers by the billions, but TV does, and it does it day in and day out.” —Dave Morgan, CEO, SimulmediaMore >>

In Defense Of Swapping: TV Programmatic Inventory

“Concern over sufficient quality inventory has been a challenge to the acceptance of TV programmatic platforms. But there’s a precedent: broadcasters swapping their most valued video inventory with outside sales entities for cash or the promise thereof.” — Mitch Oscar, President HocusFocusMore >>

How Television Won the Internet

“Television shows can be sold again and again, with streaming now a third leg to broadcast and cable, offering a vast new market for licensing and syndication. Television is colonizing the Internet.” —Michael Wolff, media columnist, author of  “Television Is the New Television: The Unexpected Triumph of Old Media in the Digital Age.”More >>

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