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A column where industry thought leaders share their POVs on issues that affect the broadcast media industry. (Feature commentaries do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVB.) We welcome your feedback to: commentary@tvb.org.

Note To Brands: Make Your Own Kind Of Network

Dario Spina, MediaPost: "If marketers think boldly — like the Millennials — and build their own virtual networks, then they’ll truly and powerfully connect with this always connected audience.  And maybe then the Millennials will inspire even more creativity in us, and just a bit less terror."…More>>

Media Industry Challenge: Over-Supply By Jack Myers

Jack Myers discusses the impact of programmatic and automated systems being developed for media buying and selling in the industry and the fundamental shift in demand vs.supply.More>>

Local TV Broadcast News Drives Audience Engagement

Kathy Crosett of Media Sales Today spotlights TVB's "American Conversation" study and reminds her readers of the importance of local broadcast news.More>>

Finding The Glue To Make Local TV Stick

With all the recent mergers and acquisitions among TV station group owners, the question is no longer whether or not there will be a small group of local TV empires. Tim Daniel in TVNewsCheck discusses the question - which ones will succeed and which ones will fail? Empires that succeed and endure have created the best "social glue" and it turns out home-grown glue is the best.  And nobody does local better than local television broadcasters.More>>

The Future of Television May Be Only One Screen

Reporting from the NY Games Conference, Charlene Weisler discusses "What is television today and what are the challenges to the current business model?"More>>

Cable's Edge Over Broadcast: More Ad Time

Jon Swallen Chief Research Officer, Kantar Media Intelligence North America discusses cable's ad revenue increase via the addition of what basically amounts to one more :20 ad per hour annually since January 2010.More>>

Facebook's Video Initiative Is A Reach
By Brian Wieser, CFA, Senior Research Analyst, Pivotal Research Group

If there is a single most important take-away from the PR effort associated with this news, it is that it may serve to highlight how "reach" can be more important than impressions or ratings, especially in context of our focus on why we have argued that television dominates the media budgets for most of the world's largest brands. Reach matters more than ratings from a planning perspective, and planners are more influential than buyers in allocating budgets across media.More >

Jack Myers Predictions for the Future of Media and Advertising

Jack Myers shares his predictions for how the digital media ecosystem will emerge; what the future holds for content; and how marketers, agencies and media companies will respond. Jack’s predicts the future of Google, media buying and planning, TV networks, and the network TV Upfront. More>>

The Power of Local TV

Bruce Goerlich, CRO, Rentrak discusses the power of local TV in its localness—its ability to connect and unite communities. The best example of this is the reaction of TV viewers to traumatic events.More>>

Who Are They Kidding?

Dennis Wharton of The NAB discusses Time Warner Cable's urging of "reform" of retransmission consent laws and their "concern" over rising cable rates.More>>

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