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MBPT Spotlight: In 2015, the Programmatic TV Tipping Point Begins

The reality is that both buyer and seller can potentially benefit from programmatic TV. Media agencies can achieve lower effective target CPMs (true advertiser target) while sellers can improve yield. And all players complete transactions in less time, with fewer mistakes.…More>>

TV Automation is Already Here -- Retire The Fax Jokes

The good news is that a sizable portion of the TV industry has already successfully adopted the sidecar approach for programmatic TV.  They are already delivering on the vision of programmatic TV execution with the same automation and optimization that digital ad tech provides. —Walt Horstman, President, AudienceXpress…More>>

TV: Simple Medium, Complicated Analysis

The economy continues to produce new brands who seek to distinguish themselves from their competitors on the basis of awareness of differentiation of brand attributes. Television in general – and network TV in particular – remains the least inefficient way to accomplish this goal despite a myriad of alternative choices and despite high absolute costs. -Brian Wieser, CFA, Pivotal Research Group…More>>

Upfronts Still Stunt Newfronts

Brian Wieser, CFA, Pivotal Research Group: “…we continue to believe that any shift from TV to online video is little more than a trickle, rather than a flood....To the extent online video really does compete for TV budgets, it will most likely occur with smaller cable networks.”…More>>

Nielsen Data: TV Dominates Time, Other Media Grows

Brian Wieser, CFA, Pivotal Research Group: “If time equated to money…either too much
money is being spent on internet advertising or too little is being spent on TV.”…More>>

Silverman Out To Remake Local Broadcasting

Harry A. Jessell, TVNewsCheck, discusses programming legend Fred Silverman's belief that TV stations' future is in producing their own entertaiment programming, with opportunities in daytime, primetime (especially Saturday) and on subchannels.  "There’s gold in their backyards that can be mined," Silverman says. "What a lot of local stations don’t realize is that they have weathermen who are more popular in their respective communities than a lot of national personalities."…More>>

Super Bowl Underscores the Big Business of Must-See, Live TV

David Carr, of The New York Times reminds us that “live events — including the N.F.L.’s regular season, the Grammys, the Oscars and the Golden Globes” — satisfy “a deep hunger for a common experience and all the ritual that accompanies it.”…More>>

Why Sports Is Must-See TV -- Especially in the Digital Era

“But just about any day of the week is a big one in the television sports industry, because sports is one of the few categories of programming that doesn't lend itself to delayed viewing or binge-watching. It just about must be seen live.  Sports has it all: drama, suspense, anger, comedy, jubilation, amongst a range of other human emotions. Despite the plethora of reality competition shows that solicit viewer voting, it may be the one area where audiences really feel that they make a difference in the outcome.”  Hillary Atkin, The Atkin ReportMore>>

Why TV Ad Spend Will Grow More Than Digital Spend In The Next Five Years

Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia, predicted at the closing panel of  Gridley & Company’s 13th Annual Marketing, Internet, Financial Technology and Outsourcing Services Conference that  TV ad spend in the U.S. will grow more each year for the next five years than digital video ads will.More>>

TV - Not Dying. Diversifying.

Mike Bloxham, vice president, national TV and video at Frank N. Magid Associates discusses “the biggest player in the ecosystem: TV” and where the focus should be—“across any screen that can deliver it.”More>>

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