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Mobile Marketing: Still Early Innings For Brands

Brands are beginning to put much more serious resources into mobile marketing, especially including the development and promotion of apps. We continue to see mobile advertising and app-install ads as still in the early innings of a very long game.— Brian Wieser, CFA, Pivotal Research Group…More>>

The Process of Buying TV Ads Is About to Undergo a Huge Shift

As the concept of “television” evolves into advanced TV, The Trade Desk is poised with the world’s most sophisticated agencies and tech partners to seize that opportunity just as we did when publishers brought inventory into the RTB marketplace a few years ago. The speed of this paradigm shift is accelerating, and the opportunity for advertisers—and viewers—is immense. — Jeff Green, AdweekMore>>

Dumb Stuff Said in Washington, D.C.

Inside the bubble of Washington, DC — which often challenges Hollywood as the true entertainment capital of the world — one hears astonishingly silly proclamations almost daily… —Dennis Wharton, EVP Communications, NAB…More>>

In God We Trust (Everyone Else Bring Data)

The issue of secular vs. cyclical shifts of spending in advertising remains as one of the most critical factors impacting media stocks and played out as an important issue this past week over the course of a flurry of earnings reports from owners of national TV properties. Which view (or views) are right? As the vast majority of media owners have now reported their third quarter results, we can put our own conjecture aside for the moment and focus on what the new data is telling us instead. —Brian Wieser, CFA, Pivotal Research Group…More>>

A Revisionist’s Recent History of TV and Internet Advertising

One of the most important historical “facts” underpinning why national TV ad spending has been weak this year is the idea that the industry is experiencing some kind of broadbased “shift” by marketers, collectively. While we are fully aware that the large brands who dominate TV have been incrementally shifting spending into digital media for nearly 20 years, we have disagreed that anything particularly radical is occurring at this time, at least on a broad basis. —Brian Wieser, CFA, Pivotal Research Group…More>>

MBPT Spotlight: In 2015, the Programmatic TV Tipping Point Begins

The reality is that both buyer and seller can potentially benefit from programmatic TV. Media agencies can achieve lower effective target CPMs (true advertiser target) while sellers can improve yield. And all players complete transactions in less time, with fewer mistakes.…More>>

TV Automation is Already Here -- Retire The Fax Jokes

The good news is that a sizable portion of the TV industry has already successfully adopted the sidecar approach for programmatic TV.  They are already delivering on the vision of programmatic TV execution with the same automation and optimization that digital ad tech provides. —Walt Horstman, President, AudienceXpress…More>>

TV: Simple Medium, Complicated Analysis

The economy continues to produce new brands who seek to distinguish themselves from their competitors on the basis of awareness of differentiation of brand attributes. Television in general – and network TV in particular – remains the least inefficient way to accomplish this goal despite a myriad of alternative choices and despite high absolute costs. -Brian Wieser, CFA, Pivotal Research Group…More>>

Upfronts Still Stunt Newfronts

Brian Wieser, CFA, Pivotal Research Group: “…we continue to believe that any shift from TV to online video is little more than a trickle, rather than a flood....To the extent online video really does compete for TV budgets, it will most likely occur with smaller cable networks.”…More>>

Nielsen Data: TV Dominates Time, Other Media Grows

Brian Wieser, CFA, Pivotal Research Group: “If time equated to money…either too much
money is being spent on internet advertising or too little is being spent on TV.”…More>>

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