The Impact Of Local Television On Last Night's Election Outcomes


Jack Poor of the TVB Available for Post Script on 2012 Political Advertising Spending Analysis and Implications to Local TV Broadcasters and Advertisers


Political advertising on local TV is estimated to have increased approximately 35% over the 2008 Presidential Election year to record levels of approximately $2.6 billion. The local television ad spending broke out to 30% on the presidential campaign, 45% on other candidacy spending and 25% on issue spending and ballot initiatives.

TV is estimated to have garnered as much as a third of the total political advertising spending with local TV stations estimated to have seen 80% of that amount. No other medium challenged TV’s strong-hold on political advertising spending.


Jack Poor is Vice President of Strategic Planning at the TVB and the trade association’s political ad guru. Jack spends much of his time in contact with political campaign consultants and the media buying agencies that direct all the spending by candidates and their supporters.

Jack notes that one surprise of the 2012 political season is that non-presidential ad spending accounted for a larger than usual share of the total spend which he attributes to better fundraising by down ballot candidates, PACs aimed specifically at Senate and House races, and a narrower presidential battlefield which missed some of the historically strong states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan.


Jack Poor is available for telephone interviews or local in-studio appearances (he is WHERE: based in NYC) which can be scheduled by contacting Jennifer Neuman at JCIR at 212/835-8500 or


Television remains the top source for political election insights for consumers and is cited by voters as the most important media for deciding which way to vote. In addition to consumers’ reliance on TV as the primary credible source for political decisions, television is the primary driver in all phases of the purchase consideration process for products and services (awareness, interest, consideration, want to purchase, visit store/website, make purchase).

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