Measurement Data Verifies Local Live-Plus-Same-Day Television Ratings As Closest Representation Of Audience Viewing And National C3 Ratings


—2013 Nielsen LPM data reveals gap between Live + Same Day and C3 ratings closing to within 4%, while gap between Live-only ratings and C3 widens to nearly 25%—

New York, April 18, 2013 – Live + Time-Shifted data is most representative of American consumers’ current Television viewing habits according to the TVB, the not-for-profit trade association of America’s commercial broadcast television industry, which today reiterated its position on audience measurement related to actual TV viewing.

An analysis of time-shifted data provided by Nielsen reveals that Live + Same Day A25-54 viewing is consistently moving closer to the national Live + 3Day Commercial (C3) currency rating standard while the Live-only data stream is moving farther from the national standard. (Once standing at 13.5% above C3, Live + Same Day was 4% below C3 in February 2013; Live-only viewing was -4.6% below C3 in 2010 and dropped to -25% in February 2013).

“It has always been our intention to have data available to brand managers and advertisers that is the most representative of consumers’ true viewing behaviors,” stated Steve Lanzano, President and CEO of TVB. “This past February, the Live-only data stream underrepresented the commercial audience by nearly 25%, while the Live + Same Day stream accurately approximated 96% of the reported commercial LPM viewers. It is now quite clear that across the 25 Local People Meter (LPM) markets, that the Live + Same Day data stream most accurately measures that viewing, as well as the Live + 3Day commercial viewing audience (C3) that national advertisers seek in Primetime.”

Importantly, the measurement data indicates that this is not merely a sweeps-period phenomenon because, season-to-date, the Live-only data stream is averaging 15% below C3, while the Live + Same Day stream is within 4% of C3.

Bill Fine, TVB Chairman and President & GM of WCVB-TV (Boston) agreed, “It’s more and more apparent that Live + Same Day data is the best measure of actual TV viewing. In this age of time-shifting and screen-shifting, the Live-only data stream no longer accurately reflects how people consume television programming.” He added, “Broadcasters are drivers of content across all media platforms and screens, so it is vital that we accurately measure viewer and consumer usage and engagement on each and every device, starting with the primary screen, the home TV.”

“Live + Same Day data is not only more accurate, it is the most logical and reasonable measure of local television viewing. It mirrors the 3-day time-shifted currency currently accepted by network advertisers and prepares local TV measurement to progress as the national currency advances to capture C7 and cross platform viewing,” concluded Steve Lanzano.

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