TVB CEO Steve Lanzano Presents 2014 Local Broadcast TV Advertising Outlook at J.P. Morgan Advertising and Marketing Virtual Summit


New York, January 24, 2014 – Steve Lanzano, President and CEO of the TVB (, the trade association of America’s commercial broadcast television industry, today participated in the 15th Annual J.P. Morgan Advertising & Marketing Virtual Summit, and presented the 2014 Local Broadcast Television Advertising Outlook.

Steve Lanzano commented on his participation, “J.P. Morgan’s Advertising and Marketing Virtual Summit is a terrific annual forum for sharing our perspectives and hard data on broadcast television which continues to lead all media in terms of use and influence with consumers.  This is impressive given the explosion of new media and on-demand viewing options which offer consumers a proliferation of choices.

“With 182 of the top 200 shows in the 2012/2013 season airing on broadcast TV and the medium’s ability to garner enormous audiences for special programming such as The Golden Globes, The Super Bowl, The Olympics and The Academy Awards, it's natural for advertisers and brand managers to look first to broadcast television as a reliable, proven marketing solution.”

The J.P. Morgan Advertising & Marketing Virtual Summit featured discussions led by executives from eight trade organizations representing the various advertising reliant media verticals and focused on topics such as ad budgets, pricing trends, consumer usage patterns, measurement, and the overall outlook for 2014.

Lanzano continued, “2014 is shaping up as another strong year for Spot TV with the key drivers being strong political advertising, continued growth in automotive advertising spending, the advent of the new healthcare ‘Super Category’ driven by the ACA, and an improving U.S. economy.

“According to recent SQAD data, the Q1 comparisons show that Spot TV’s competitiveness with Network scatter has improved year-to-year in the four key dayparts.  In addition, local TV broadcasters are continuing to effectively grow their websites, mobile offerings and digital sub-channels, providing advertisers creative ways to extend the content chain across multiple media platforms. Finally, local broadcast television remains the most powerful medium to reach mass audiences and the most influential platform to increase awareness and engage consumers with brands and products.”

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