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“TV has had a good run in the last year because it’s demonstrated that it gets broad reach and high engagement, the quality of the content has become significantly better and it’s very efficient and effective.”—Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, P&G
“NextGen TV has the potential to dramatically improve visibility and reach for broadcasters and advertisers that rely on local TV to reach their audiences. A platform that is more robust, transparent and rich with data and reporting capabilities can only deepen the great value of local advertising.”—Anne Schelle, managing director, Pearl TV
“Indeed, recent studies indicate that we are watching more TV than ever, mainly thanks to an increasing array of apps that are transforming TV into a fundamentally different process of production and consumption through engaging, sharing, and instantly commenting.”—Jacob Groshek, associate professor of emerging media studies, Boston University
“When you eat an apple or a piece of cake, you know how many calories is in each. In the same way, we need one clear ratings view and measurement system across the global digital industry that allows us to better examine how we’re spending our total media investment.”—Keith Weed, CMO, Unilever
“Broadcasters and other news outlets have played a critical role in conveying emergency information, and in some cases, even coordinating live, on-air rescues. Everyone who is pitching in deserves our gratitude and support. We’re all in this together.”—Ajit Pai, Chairman, FCC
“You can only make so much money on people who already know your brand. To reach everyone else, you need TV.” —Jeri Smith, CEO, Communicus, Inc
“TV never died — so a resurrection is impossible. Born again might be a more apt analogy. Whatever you call it, the TV industry is on the right track, and its future is anything but dire. The best years of television are still to come!” —Ed DeNicola, Head of TV, Cambridge Analytica
“An essential point to see is that local TV operators have a path to doubling their digital revenue growth simply by monetizing the audiences they already create on Facebook.” —Rick Ducey, Managing Director & Mark Fratrik, SVP, Chief Economist, BIA/Kelsey
“Local TV news remains a vital and highly regarded source of information and a cornerstone of the community fabric, thriving in an age of iPhones, Facebook and Twitter.” —Dick Reingold, VP & GM, WCTI
“Is linear TV dead? Ha! No, nor will it be for some time (if ever). TV is the strongest it has ever been — and with ATSC 3.0, I expect that TV will begin to take dollars back away from digital.” —Gabe Greenberg, CEO & Co-Founder, GABBCOM
“The major issues in digital are that the supply chain still has way too many touch points in it and it lacks transparency.” —Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, Proctor & Gamble
“While ‘the death of TV’ makes for a great headline, the reality is that the medium isn’t going anywhere. For advertisers, TV provides a guaranteed audience, along with content protection and, more recently, real-time measurement, targeting and optimization.” —Kevin O’Reilly, CTO, TVSquared
“Broadcast TV defies gravity. There’s so much talk about targeting and hypertargeting, yet broadcast TV remains mass. That’s probably why it remains so popular. Its niche is mass—and it probably reaches more niches in that mass than anyone else can.” —Gordon Borrell, Borrell Associates
“Time passes and technology changes, but local broadcasters remain the linchpins of their communities.” —Ajit Pai, Chairman, FCC
“Much like in life, when two people tell you the same thing…when two channels tell you the same thing you're much more likely to buy.”—Richard Bussy, UK & Ireland Measurement Lead, Facebook
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