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“Broadcast’s reach remains massive, and a robust fall premiere not only gives a show a good shot to make it on the network, but a chance to land large in the streaming aftermarket.”—Michael Malone, writer, Broadcasting & Cable
“Yes, cord-cutting is a reality. The viewing habits of millennials and Gen Z differ from baby boomers. Still, Americans watch a lot of linear TV. Even putting popular sitcoms or dramas aside, live sports draws millions of viewers.”—Fern Siegel, Deputy Editor, MediaPost
“I see success in a cross-platform model that holds TV at its center as the fundamental glue that brings together digital, VOD, OTT and other platforms to unlock the true potential of cross-channel data and efficiencies.”—Brad Smith, SVP of revenue & operations, Videa
“Although habits are constantly changing, linear video is not dead, overall video consumption is actually growing exponentially each year.”—Nicole Parros, group director, OMD
“We think it’s finally safe to say that this election cycle will be significantly higher than what we saw in years past.”—Marci Ryvicker, Managing Director, Wells Fargo
“In discussions we’ve had with CMOs, we’ve been hearing that they recognize they still need big reach media like TV to generate awareness and brand building to fill the top of the funnel…So some spend is shifting back to TV to have a better balance between digital and traditional media tactics and strategy.”—Aaron Solomon, SVP of marketing and strategy, Nielsen
“The TV station business is not dead, and as a result, neither is broadcasters' need for new programming.”—Paige Albiniak, Writer, B&C
“TV and digital video are the two most important media types for advertisers. Video has become a top priority across all platforms, including social.”—Advertiser Perceptions and 4C Insights: Survey - Envisioning A Frictionless Cross-Channel Ad Future
“The local TV or newspaper consumer is significantly less likely than consumers of other news to boycott a brand and view that advertising placement as something toxic or a reason to walk away from a product. We can expect this trend of tribalism and boycotting to only get worse before it gets better—which is why my money is on local TV and newspapers to survive that trend.”—John Dick, Civic Science, Founder & CEO
“We’re battling the misconception that everyone is on vacation or outside all of the time and just running away in droves from TV during the summer—and that’s just not the case. People are still consuming vast amounts of TV during the summer.”—Jason Wiese, SVP of strategic insights, VAB
“Trust is everything for a brand. A brand without trust is merely a product, so Unilever needs to make sure we are in a trusted and transparent environment.”—Keith Weed, CMO, Unilever
“But the truth is that TV isn't going anywhere…Brand advertising on TV is still a proven tactic for increasing sales, and it's still an effective, creative way for marketers to share their message with a national audience.”—Nick Troiano, CEO, Cadent
“TV makes the virtual more real. TV advertising creates huge effects instantly. It also helps build and nourish profitable, trusted brands for the long-term. As online brands have little or no physical presence, TV’s ability to create emotional connections with huge audiences around the world is vital.”—Katty Roberfroid, Director General, egta
“You may be watching CNN, Fox or MSNBC but in the early bewildering, frightening moments, when the unthinkable has occurred, that video you are watching is likely being provided by local TV boots on the ground.”—Richard Reingold, VP & GM, WCTI
“These digital-native, data-driven brands spent over $2.5 billion on TV advertising in 2017 alone. TV is where outcomes-obsessed disruptors go when they need to get big.”—Sean Cunningham, president and CEO, VAB
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