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“Broadcast TV defies gravity. There’s so much talk about targeting and hypertargeting, yet broadcast TV remains mass. That’s probably why it remains so popular. Its niche is mass—and it probably reaches more niches in that mass than anyone else can.” —Gordon Borrell, Borrell Associates
“Time passes and technology changes, but local broadcasters remain the linchpins of their communities.” —Ajit Pai, Chairman, FCC
“Much like in life, when two people tell you the same thing…when two channels tell you the same thing you're much more likely to buy.”—Richard Bussy, UK & Ireland Measurement Lead, Facebook
“Dollar for dollar, TV provides the most scale and delivers the highest return on ad spend from both a sales and awareness perspective.”—Neustar, from study, “Is TV Advertising Still Effective?"
“The power and potency of local news endures, perhaps all the more so in a fragmented digital age. It's a reality generally missed by media reporters.”—James Warren, Chief Media Writer, Poynter
“The Accenture study found that, at the top of the purchase funnel, premium content delivers four times as much brand awareness for every dollar spent as paid social media, and more than eleven times as much as short-form digital video.”—Linda Yaccarino Chairman, Advertising Sales and Client Partnerships, NBCU
“One of the biggest falsehoods in the marketing echo chamber is that television is 'dead' – and that lie is usually spread by companies with something to gain or people who do not bother to research what the good data actually says.”—Samuel Scott, Director of Marketing & Communications,
“TV advertising is the best way to reach multi-generational, diverse demographics with the same medium.”—Kevin O’Reilly, CTO, TVSquared
“Technology may change, but the highest-quality content will always find its way to broadcast TV because of its unparalleled reach.”—Gordon Smith, President, NAB
“More and more viewing is happening outside of seven days. When you extend the window to 35 days, in some cases you see double digit increases.”—Sara Erichson, Client Solutions & Audience Insights EVP, Nielsen
“Each of the news operations at CBS, Disney’s ABC and Comcast’s NBCU benefit their parent companies in meaningful ways, not just in profits, but with the political influence that follows from these divisions.”
“TV’s important to us. TV still works for us.”—Marisa Thalberg, CMO, Taco Bell
“Advertisers continue to seek local market reach. There is no better place than local broadcasting to find these audiences at scale.”—Jeff Wender, Managing Director, Local Media, Nielsen
“With attribution, optimization and data intelligence taking center stage, TV - linear television in particular, provides verifiable results to marketers and their agencies.”—James Fennessy, CEO, Standard Media Index
“The bloom is off digital media. There’s more skepticism, more conspiracy theories, more contrarians and more truthers, decrying everything from the efficacy of programmatic advertising and ad targeting to the point of brands on social media.”—Shareen Pathak, Managing Editor, Digiday
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