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“The vast majority of new television series fail, but This is Us also proved that there's still no matching broadcast television when it comes to finding the best chance of reaching the biggest audience.”—David Bauder, Television Writer, Associated Press
“With attribution, optimization and data intelligence taking center stage, TV - linear television in particular, provides verifiable results to marketers and their agencies.”—James Fennessy, CEO, Standard Media Index
“The bloom is off digital media. There’s more skepticism, more conspiracy theories, more contrarians and more truthers, decrying everything from the efficacy of programmatic advertising and ad targeting to the point of brands on social media.”—Shareen Pathak, Managing Editor, Digiday
“Local TV news has done a good job of holding their audience and engaging the viewers, especially with digital enhancements. By serving viewers in more places at any time, via social media, apps and on demand news, a station builds higher levels of satisfaction and brand affinity.”—Seth Geiger, President, Smith Geiger
“Nothing underscores the reach of television advertising like comparing TV impressions to online views. Take note before you pronounce TV dead.”—Jason DaMata, Writer, TV Rev
“Advertisers know local broadcast is the best medium and provides the best local reach… Brands and their agencies want to measure their impact on audiences across different screens, and local television completes that picture.”—Ryan Reed, Director of Television & Video Solutions, Lotame
“No other media channel today can come even close to TV when it comes to reaching a lot of people fast and cheaply, with impact. Don’t forget, this afternoon ‘Judge Judy’ delivered more audience ad minutes in a 30-minute show than did all of the videos on all of YouTube in all of America all day.”—Dave Morgan, CEO, Simulmedia
“Premium content drives intent. A super-engaged environment where people are watching for over an hour — not two or three seconds — is where people can be convinced. The shakeout will come for people who chase traffic for the sake of it.”—Jim Lanzone, Chief Digital Officer, CBS
“TV is still very, very critical for our business ... TV still offers the best ROI across media channels.”—Marcos de Quinto, CMO, Coca-Cola
“The American public’s trust in local television news is a direct result of stations appropriately reflecting their local community, contextualizing the issues of the day for their viewers, fulfilling their obligation as licensees to serve the public interest, convenience and necessity.”—Jordan Wertlieb, President, Hearst Television
“Some of the dollars are going to shift to wherever people are consuming media. But if you don’t think TV ads make a difference in Senate, House and governors’ races, you’re looking at the wrong set of data.”—Casey Phillips, GOP Media Consultant
“Some of the platform's insights help explain Donald Trump's surprise election victory over Hillary Clinton last week….Over the last couple of weeks, Clinton spent a lot of her campaign money at the national level and the national cable stations. Towards the end of the last two weeks, Trump spent all of his money on the local markets and really spent a lot of money in the swing states.”—John Derham, Chief Technology Officer, iQ Media
“Do I think advertising helps? Yes. Organization helps, hard work helps, micro-targeting helps. Turnout. But clearly advertising is part of it.”—Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee
“While Donald Trump obviously benefited from an unprecedented level of free media coverage, which convinced him for much of the race that he didn't need to waste money on ads, in the end Team Trump did, in fact, plow a ton of money into advertising — and it cunningly, strategically outperformed tone-deaf Team Clinton.”—Simon Dumenco, Columnist, Ad Age
“As advertisers recognize that they’ve gone overboard on data sciences and data analytics, after looking at a lot of the ROI, they are beginning to realize that their overdependence on digital media is not working for them.”—Jack Myers, Media Ecologist & Chairman, MyersBizNet
“As advertisers recognize that they’ve gone overboard on data sciences and data analytics, after looking at a lot of the ROI, they are beginning to realize that their overdependence on digital media is not working for them.”—Jack Myers, Media Ecologist & Chairman, MyersBizNet
“Mr. Trump’s strategy, while efficient in terms of costs, may not be effective in terms of persuasion. He has let Mrs. Clinton dominate the ad war in competitive battleground states and it seems to be costing him votes.” —Lynn Vavreck, Professor of Political Science, UCLA
“Trump's challenges force House and Senate candidates to get their message out independent of the presidential contest. There's no better medium to achieve those goals than TV.”— Judd Rubin, VP of Revenue, Strata
“It’s a great time to own a TV station. This is going to be by far the most spending we’ve seen in a governor’s race in Vermont.”—Eric Davis, Emeritus Political Science Professor, Middlebury College
“We have no revenue warning here.” —Les Moonves, CEO, CBS
“The most revenue upside should accrue to U.S. content companies that treat small screens as an adjacency to the 30 cent per person per hour (dual revenue stream) linear TV platform.”—Laura Martin, analyst, Needham & Co.
“Obviously, TV makes a difference; complete campaigns make a difference…not having TV while the other side was advertising significantly in the state makes a huge difference.”—Trump operative in New Hampshire
“The notion that YouTube can bring new people into a show while also keeping current fans connected presents a big opportunity for both programmers, as well as advertisers, who seek to capture audiences whenever and wherever they watch premium content.” —Jonathan Zepp, Head of North American Partnerships for YouTube, Google
“While digital is cheaper and hipper, TV is simply more effective.”—James Fennessy, CEO, Standard Media Index
“Although local television will experience new challenges, its overall position remains strong and valuable to the media marketplace.”—Mark Fratrik, chief economist, BIA/Kelsey
“If you put most of these digital media startups in a bucket, their best long-term opportunity is to partner with or get bought by a traditional, established big media company. They are building real businesses, but I’m not sure many of them are going to be standalone entities five years from now.”—Bernard Gershon, president of GershonMedia
“People who watch local news are more likely to vote in the same way that if I watch sports on TV I’m more likely to buy a ticket.”—Will Feltus, Senior Vice President, National Media
“The lesson is this: Traditional media still has advantages over digital media that are going to be difficult to overcome.” —Bill Cromwell, writer, Media Life
“I think we have to bring context, we have to bring perspective, we have to bring analysis. For a lot of our primetime audience, even though it's been livestreamed all day long, this is going to be the first chance to put it all together.” —George Stephanopoulos, anchor, ABC
“With a number of media companies claiming double-digit price increases along with volume growth on the back of relatively strong first half 2016 ad growth, TV advertising seems to have rebounded from the concerns over the last couple of years.” — Kannan Venkateshwar, Analyst, Barclays
“TV remains the one true mass medium. While people may spend more time online, they aren’t all in the same place. You’re not going to get 15 million viewers watching a web video at the same time, though you may find that in a March Madness game.” —Diego Vasquez, writer, Media Life
“Election Day may be far away, but candidates may still want to match their opponents’ daily advertising in the months before the vote because they care about publicly released news polls that convey information to voters —and donors — about their viability and the closeness of the race.” —Lynn Vavreck, professor of political science, UCLA
“For me, I only see (3.0) as a good thing. I can’t put a cash flow on it. I can't put a multiple on it. I just know it's better than staying at 1.0.” &mdsash;Marci Ryvicker, Analyst, Wells Fargo
“If I were a digital video provider, I would kinda shut up about my reach and focus more on the fact that most consumers HATE many aspects of digital video ads, according to a recent survey by text-to-video creation platform Wibbitz.” —George Simpson, President George H. Simpson Communications
“Making the transition from a primary to a general election is like moving from cable to a major network. In a primary, you’re niche-casting to intense fans. In November, there are more rewards for getting a lot of people to like you a little bit. Not everyone can scale up successfully.” —James Poniewozik, TV Critic, New York Times           
“Turns out, the rumors of traditional TV’s death have been greatly exaggerated. The big four networks nabbed the top four spots with our panel. More than 75% of respondents claimed they couldn’t live without ABC (77%), CBS (76%), and NBC (75%), and 57% also needed FOX.” —TiVo’s Advisors Panel Study March 2016, TiVo Research
“TV is not dead, and in fact, the local broadcast market is arguably the largest overlooked opportunity in digital today.” —Steve Chung, Founder & CEO, Frankly, Inc
“Voters will continue to rely on local outlets to consume political information. This trend will persist into the general election and future cycles, as local media maintains the one connection that trumps all else: community context.” —Andrea Duggan, VP Media Sales, Gamut
“Our network can be watched in lots of different ways. Streaming is going to be a new part of it. It’s going to be a new way people watch television, it's the future and we want our affiliates to be a part of it.” —Les Moonves, CEO, CBS
“We still watch more than five hours of content a day through the TV, a device so ubiquitous and accessible that despite claims of a mass exodus reigns in advertising budgets in excess of $70 billion, still greater than the revenue attributed to digital ad sales in the U.S.” —Mike Fitzsimmons, Founder & CEO, Delivery Agent, Inc.
“We estimate that total video consumption across all devices for all people grew by 0.9% in the quarter. The annual decline in live TV viewing was at its lowest level since the first quarter of 2014.” —Brian Wieser, analyst, Pivotal Research Group
“Whenever I hear another declaration that "television is dead," I smile and think about how the medium seems to have more lives than Morris the cat. Marketers still believe enough in its effectiveness as an ad medium to continually replenish the coffers of stations, channels and networks — not to mention agencies.” —Stuart Elliott, Media Writer, Media Village
“In the first two cycles the received wisdom was that the grass roots power of social media activation swept President Obama to office. Less attention was paid to the fact that they also involved the highest advertising spend in campaign history.” —Rob Norman, Chief Digital Officer, GroupM Global
“A big part of our core broadcast offering is that it’s got local integration in it. It’s one of the main value propositions that we have over national cable news.” — David Rhodes, President, CBS News
“While television is a dominant channel for advertisers given its unparalleled reach and ability to drive emotional resonance, technology is simultaneously transforming the way consumers interact with content and brands.” —Lance Neuhauser, CEO, 4C ’s
“Seventy percent of voters said seeing a television ad drove them to otherwise become more involved in the campaign, including discussing the ad with others, watching a debate or following a candidate on social media.”—Kevin Robillard, Politico, on GfK’s
“For those seeking broad reach, sight-sound-and-motion and brand awareness, traditional TV still utterly dominates all alternatives despite the growth of digital media owners and increasing consumption of video on internet-connected devices.”—Brian Wieser, analyst, Pivotal Research Group
“Current strong demand for TV advertising means the networks should have a bigger and better upfront sales season this spring.” —Leslie Moonves, Chairman, CBS
“So many people watch the Super Bowl live that it may be one of the last remaining moments of media defragmentation in the United States.” —Peter Pasi, VP Political Sales, Collective
“Nothing could beat the Super Bowl for the impact of that moment and the brand awareness that it offers. While they are all fantastic [digital publishers] and I will use them all, not one could stand on its own like Super Bowl.” — Joanne Bradford, CEO, Social Finance Inc
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