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“What we have seen consistently, is consumers –even young viewers—saying they still think live content, such as sports, as well as a major event like the season opener or finale of a show, is relevant.”— Brett Sappington, Senior Director of Research, Parks Associates
“One of the most enticing facets of programmatic TV is that it allows advertisers to use automated data and buying tools to reach a precise audience of their most valuable customers…Programmatic TV combines the full-screen attention of television with the targeting of digital advertising.”— Ashish Chordia, CEO, Alphonso
“We anticipate political advertising will generate significant ad revenue for local television this year, in particular for over-the-air revenue. Of all media, television still dominates in political years, even as campaigns integrate more digital advertising into their overall strategy.”— Mark Fratrik, SVP & chief economist, BIA Advisory Services
Advertisers reassessing where best to spend their budgets are starting to understand that TV can offer reach, security, and reassurance that their ads are being placed, and seen, in a trusted, brand-safe environment.”—Sonia Marguin, Head of Research & Insights, Euronews & Africanews
“We are told local TV news programming will have a big future — on traditional linear TV or perhaps more on digital media platforms — because of the value of live TV. Immediacy can be everything to news TV consumers, specifically trust in an age of ‘fake news.”—Wayne Friedman, Editor, MediaPost
“By far local TV is in the best position for the future of supplying local news.”—Bob Papper, Professor of Journalism, Hofstra University
“After linear TV, more Americans watch video content on OTT than on VOD or DVR, and the medium is skyrocketing.”—Dennis Buchheim, Senior Vice President and General Manager, IAB Tech Lab
“We’ve done the math for TV. TV is massively under-credited. TV is undervalued. You don’t just have to be on TV, you have to be on TV a lot.”—John Hoctor, founder and CEO, Data + Math
“Of the top 30 rated original scripted prime-time series among adults 18-49, nine are on ABC, nine are on CBS, eight are on NBC, and four are on FOX.”—Steve Sternberg, featured columnist, MediaPost
“We can study Twitter all day, but only about 12 percent of Americans are on it. It’s important for journalists and academics, but it’s not how most people get their news.”— Brendan Nyhan, professor of government, Dartmouth College
“'All politics is local’ was a phrase made famous by the late Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neill, and today, all marketing is local.”—Lynne Tornabene, Director of Marketing, Mobile Advertising & CMO, Quattro Wireless
“As we all chased the Holy Grail of digital, self-included, we were relinquishing too much control—blinded by shiny objects, overwhelmed by big data, and ceding power to algorithms.”—Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, Proctor & Gamble
“TV broadcaster online video inventory has come out tops, providing very clear direction for the ad industry on the effectiveness of broadcaster content on mobile as a more effective alternative to Facebook and YouTube.”—Steve Weaver, Director of Research, ThinkTV
“We cannot continue to prop up a digital supply chain - one that delivers over a quarter of our advertising to our consumers - which at times is little better than a swamp in terms of its transparency.”—Keith Weed, CMO, Unilever
“Broadcasting is sometimes the only available communications medium in an emergency when wireless networks fail. Morning Consult recently found that the American People turn to broadcasters in times of emergency, by a factor of more than three to one.”—Sam Matheny, EVP, CTO, NAB
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