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“55% and 58% of voters in Arizona and Florida, respectively, ranked TV as “most important” in terms of generating awareness; more than all other media combined. 67% and 71% of voters in Arizona and Florida, respectively, ranked TV as “most important” in motivating them to ‘get out and vote.’”—Research Now SSI, Voter Funnel 2018
“The spate of newly successful direct-to-consumer companies are themselves making heavy use of TV along with digital, although they themselves are digital companies. The light of TV ROI is hard to hide under a bushel, not to mention branding effects.”—James Fennessy, CEO, Standard Media Index
“ … on Monday night, we have one final chance to reach undecided voters before Election Day. We can win if we can run our ads on Dancing With The Stars and Monday Night Football, but if we don’t, these are exactly the voters who might stay home instead of getting out to the polls. Running these ads can win us this race.”—Congressional candidate email to supporters on 11/1/18
“Speaking for the broadcasters, I can assure you that competition for advertising dollars among them is as cutthroat as it has ever been in the medium’s 70-year history.”—Harry Jessell, editor, TVNewsCheck
“It is the journalists that are working the field, that have a passion to do something better, to create content that their audience wants to watch. That is where we found the best innovation is coming from.”—Ellen M. Crooke, VP of News, TEGNA Media
“While OTT video may be the hot topic in the media industry, traditional linear TV remains king of the castle -- for now. Samsung’s data found that 81% of its smart TVs still tune in to linear TV.”—Alex Weprin, writer, MediaPost
“To anyone who is honest and takes a step back, there is no question that the best thing for our business would be a full relaxation of ownership restrictions - the best thing for consumers, employees and the communities that we serve. Arguments to the contrary are defensive, self-serving, misinformed or a combination thereof.”—Jack Abernethy, CEO, Fox Television Stations
“43% of millennials said they purchased a product they saw while watching TV--either in the program or during an ad, compared to 25% of all adults.”—2018 VAB Study
“Broadcast’s reach remains massive, and a robust fall premiere not only gives a show a good shot to make it on the network, but a chance to land large in the streaming aftermarket.”—Michael Malone, writer, Broadcasting & Cable
“Yes, cord-cutting is a reality. The viewing habits of millennials and Gen Z differ from baby boomers. Still, Americans watch a lot of linear TV. Even putting popular sitcoms or dramas aside, live sports draws millions of viewers.”—Fern Siegel, Deputy Editor, MediaPost
“I see success in a cross-platform model that holds TV at its center as the fundamental glue that brings together digital, VOD, OTT and other platforms to unlock the true potential of cross-channel data and efficiencies.”—Brad Smith, SVP of revenue & operations, Videa
“Although habits are constantly changing, linear video is not dead, overall video consumption is actually growing exponentially each year.”—Nicole Parros, group director, OMD
“We think it’s finally safe to say that this election cycle will be significantly higher than what we saw in years past.”—Marci Ryvicker, Managing Director, Wells Fargo
“In discussions we’ve had with CMOs, we’ve been hearing that they recognize they still need big reach media like TV to generate awareness and brand building to fill the top of the funnel…So some spend is shifting back to TV to have a better balance between digital and traditional media tactics and strategy.”—Aaron Solomon, SVP of marketing and strategy, Nielsen
“The TV station business is not dead, and as a result, neither is broadcasters' need for new programming.”—Paige Albiniak, Writer, B&C
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