Broadcast Calendar / Nielsen Survey Dates

Broadcast Calendar

The Broadcast Calendar is designed to conform to a uniform billing period and was adopted by broadcasters, agencies and advertisers for billing and planning functions. The standard broadcast week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. The standard broadcast month ends on the last Sunday of the calendar month.

Broadcast Calendar 2018-2020
Broadcast Calendar 2017-2019
Broadcast Calendar 2016-2018
Broadcast Calendar 2015-2017
Broadcast Calendar 2014-2016
Broadcast Calendar 2013-2015

Nielsen Survey Dates

The Nielsen Company measures local quarter-hour television viewing in TV homes across 210 markets. There are 56 metered markets, which include 25 local people meter markets. Survey dates include four major “sweeps” in February, May, July and November with additional survey periods for various markets. Local people meter markets have 12 survey periods per year.

Nielsen 2017-18 Survey Dates
Nielsen 2016-17 Survey Dates
Nielsen 2015-16 Survey Dates
Nielsen 2014-15 Survey Dates
Nielsen 2013-14 Survey Dates

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