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PRWeb: AdNation News Reports On the Growing Influence of Local TV and How It Will Affect Advertising

The fourth annual TVB Forward Conference in New York showcased how local TV is gaining in popularity and changing the advertising landscape. Continue Reading

MediaPost: Does Viewership Equal Specific Retrans Revs For All Networks?

Speaking at the annual TVB Forward conference in New York, Wells Fargo analyst Marci Ryvicker said while broadcast gets 35% of all TV audiences, it only gets 7% of “programming” fees -- just $2.6 billion of an estimated $13 billion. We know these fees by its other name -- “retransmission” fees.Continue Reading

Spots 'n Dots: The New "Normal' For U.S. Auto Sales

Ian Beavis, EVP of the Auto Group at Nielsen, told the TVB Forward conference in New York that he’s seen the auto industry hit hard times over the course of his career, but the latest “carpocalypse” is in the rear view mirror and we are now moving into the “new normal” for U.S. auto sales.Continue Reading

TVSpy: STUDY: Local TV News Gets Americans Talking

A recent TVB study shows local TV news is three times more likely than online media to start a conversation among Americans. “The American Conversation” study asked participants about the details of over 9,000 online and offline conversations in April 2013. The study showed 55% of all “News of the Day” conversations were sparked by television, while online media started just 18%.Continue Reading

TVNewsCheck: Local News Tops In Driving Conversations

A TVB survey finds that TV is three times more likely to spark discussion than digital media and local TV news is a bigger conversation starter than both network and cable news. “We may feel like we’re living in an over-digitized world of communication—and we are—but the truth is that most people have their conversations face-to-face,” said TVB research chief Stacey Lynn Schulman speaking at the TVB Forward conference in New York.Continue Reading

TVNewsCheck: Local TV Needs Multiplatform Auto Options

Nielsen's Ian Beavis says successful auto campaigns must be tailored to car buyers, who watch slightly less TV than other viewers and tune in most heavily during primetime and latenight. “We need to improve creative across platforms, place advertising where people watch it and cut through clutter."Continue Reading

TVNewsCheck: Ryvicker: Stations Losing $10.4B In Retrans

“Broadcast captures 35% of the audience, gets 7% of programming fees,” Wells Fargo analyst Marci Ryvicker told the TVB Forward conference today. Growing retrans consent revenue (it's expected to total $2.6 billion this year) is one factor driving investor interest in broadcasting, she added, with broadcast TV stocks currently up 74% over what it was at this time last year.Continue Reading

TVNewsCheck: Stations Need To Work Harder For Political

The George Stephanopoulos-moderated political panel at the TVB Forward Conference predicted even more local TV ad spending in 2016 as in 2012, with innovation being a focus as we move into the future.Continue Reading

MarketWatch: 2013 Forward Conference Set to Highlight the Best of the Broadcast TV Industry

With a keen focus on targeted localism and multiplatform news and program content, television is thriving in the "Social Age," according to the TVB, which will highlight the many facets of local broadcast television's ongoing evolution at the 2013 Forward Conference on September 18th in New York City.Continue Reading


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