Automated TV Guidelines & Best Practices

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The purpose of this document is to begin the process of suggesting guidelines and best practices for the successful adoption and implementation of automated buying and selling of broadcast linear TV advertising. These guidelines are intended to supplement and improve compliance with initiatives within the various industry forums and committees, including IAB, MRC and TVB.


  • Better position broadcast linear television to compete within a marketing/advertising landscape that is increasingly based on data, automation and audience based buying.
  • Establish an open and level playing field while enabling each station to individually determine and distinguish the value of their inventory.
  • Maintain transparency in the marketplace so that participants have sufficient information on both demand and inventory.
  • Preserve the integrity of sales through seller-to-buyer and buyer-to-seller interactions. (Professionals selling to Professionals)
  • Focus heavily on fairness so the marketplace is as safe as possible to create the trust required on both sides.
  • Encourage the accessibility of appropriate data for buyers and sellers.


This is a living document that is maintained as an open and collaborative effort between broadcasters, advertising agencies, rep firms, aggregators and platform providers. This document is expected to continue to evolve through successive updates, and is open to input from all companies and individuals who wish to contribute.

Those interested in commenting on or contributing to this document can contact:

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