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TV advertising tech platform Simulmedia says there are more cost-efficient ways for advertisers to target consumers—by going outside of expensive prime-time TV programming.
The NBA Playoffs has seen consistent national TV advertising activity, with big spending among quick-serve restaurants, beer, automotive, and auto/general insurance marketers.
2017 will go down in history as one of the deadliest for the damages caused by natural disasters—yet amidst the mayhem viewers faithfully turned to one source: local TV weather.
YouTube’s problem with offensive content persists even after its “adpocalypse” last year that revealed bad actors monetizing hateful messages.
56% of the US population uses connected TV devices, and with this number growing rapidly, it has never been more important for the TV industry to get the user experience right.
People now and into the future will continue to leave the house and shop in physical retail. In fact, over 75–80% of purchases made today are still through physical retail channels.
NBCU, Fox, Turner and Viacom announced a multi-year, co-development partnership focused on new platforms for automated buying, advanced formats and cross-platform measurement and currency.
WRAL, the flagship station of Capitol Broadcasting, was one of the first local TV news stations in the country to develop an OTT app.
Newsy, which streams a 24-hour network for breaking news and nonfiction original series, has pivoted away from its desktop and mobile products to focus on over-the-top environments.

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The 53rd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards was held on CBS this past Sunday. Nationally, the telecast delivered a 7.0 hh rating, with a 15.5 in Nashville. Our featured market this week is El Paso, TX (Las Cruces, NM).
An industry work group dedicated to developing standards-based interfaces to accelerate automated ad transactions for local TV broadcasters and their media agency partners.
“We are told local TV news programming will have a big future — on traditional linear TV or perhaps more on digital media platforms — because of the value of live TV. Immediacy can be everything to news TV consumers, specifically trust in an age of ‘fake news.”—Wayne Friedman, Editor, MediaPost

How do I capitalize on the record-breaking political ad spend?

Get connected to jobs in the local broadcast TV industry.

The core purpose of this report is to address three basic concepts equally applicable to all categories of media measurement: how many, how often, and how long.

It's Time For Ad Buyers To Boycott Facebook

“In the midst of the enormous Facebook scandal, your customers are angrier than ever, especially at Facebook ... So what’s the answer? It’s simple: Boycott Facebook! Not just personally, but as a CMO, as a media planner and buyer.” —Matt Smith, Founder-CEO SmithGifford

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