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Pew Research Modern News Consumer Study

Americans prefer to get their news on a screen, with TV remaining the dominant screen. 57% of U.S. adults often get TV-based news, either from local TV (46%), cable (31%), network (30%), or a combination of the three. Just 20% get news from print newspapers.

About Six-in-ten Americans Often Get News on TV

Source: Pew Research Center, “The Modern News Consumer 2016”

Local TV News Tied with National Cable News for Time Spent – January 2017

Weekly Time Spent Among Adults in January 2017

Source Jan 2017 HH:MM Jan 2017-16 Avg Diff in Minutes
Local TV News in LPM Markets 2:11 +12
National Cable TV News 2:11 +20
Radio News in PPM Markets 1:27 +1
National Broadcast TV News 1:05 +6
PC News 0:18 +1
Smartphone News 0:07 +1

Source: Nielsen Total Audience Report 4th Quarter 2016

Local News Key to Reaching Moms

  • Working moms watch more early morning and late news
  • Stay-at-home moms watch more mid-day and evening news, and they spend an additional hour a day with the TV screen
  • Moms are 47% more likely to consume local news on a mobile platform
  • 36% of moms are more likely to use mobile apps for traffic and weather

Source: Nielsen Local Watch Report, Third Quarter 2016

Local Television News Is Believed to Be the Least Biased Source of News Information

% of Americans that Believe News Source Is Unbiased

Source: Katz TV Insights, Bias in the U.S. News Media 2016, Vision Critical, Persons 18+

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