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According to research from Dynata, commissioned by TVB, over 80% of all Mississippi voters said that they trust news from local broadcast TV. Only 60% trust cable and 37% trust social media.
We expect to see over $675 million in media expenditures in the presidential primary alone. This would be a 71 percent increase over the Presidential primaries of 2016.
Trump’s rallies garnered the equivalent outreach of what would cost $120 million in local broadcast news coverage, with a staggering 3.8 billion free impressions across the 62 DMAs he visited.
Owners of local stations are still celebrating the boost from a midterm election cycle in which campaigns spent an estimated $3.1 billion on broadcast TV ads, $1 billion more than in 2014, according to Kantar CMAG.
Three major TV station groups, Tribune, Tegna, and E.W Scripps, witnessed sharply higher political advertising in the fourth quarter, which replaced the regular core-advertising schedule.
According to the latest Voter Funnel study, 66% of respondents said that TV motivated them to get out and vote. Voters also credited TV for driving them to online media for additional information.
While 2018 did not answer everything, one trend is clear: pundits who predicted that local broadcast television advertising would lose its importance were wrong — very wrong.

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