About Project Roadblock

Now in its 14th year, Project Roadblock is a multiplatform drunk driving prevention campaign exclusive to local broadcast television stations and is the largest annual station-supported initiative of a single PSA campaign.

Sponsored by TVB, NHTSA, and the Ad Council, Project Roadblock continues to demonstrate local broadcast television’s power to influence, persuade and affect social behavior, as well as TV broadcasters' commitment to the safety of their communities.

In fact, through continued support of Project Roadblock, and in combination with other drinking and driving prevention efforts, alcohol-impaired driving fatalities have decreased 22% from 13,099 in 2004 to 10,265 in 2015.

With your help this upcoming December, the road to safety continues.

Note: Every local broadcast TV station is encouraged to join Project Roadblock. You do NOT have to be a TVB member to participate. Support of Project Roadblock does not replace other PSA commitments.

Flight and Traffic Instructions:

December 26-31, when alcohol-impaired driving accounts for nearly one-third of motor vehicle crash fatalities.
  1. Air during flight dates, ideally between 12pm (noon) - 12am (midnight), targeting men 21-34.
  2. Fill the 10pm New Year’s Eve slot with a Project Roadblock PSA.

Join This Year:

  1. Pledge your station’s support.
  2. Download PSAs and donate on-air, online, and social media support December 26-31, 2017.
  3. Monetize through local business sponsorships to give back and get back.


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