Cable & ADS

National Trends

In May’17, the percentage of households with wired cable dropped to 51.9%, as the percentage of broadcast only households rose to 13.1%. The percentage for homes with ADS (alternate delivery systems) dropped to 30.1%.

May 2017

  • 30.1% of television households subscribe to ADS.
  • 51.9% of television homes subscribes to wired cable delivery. Nielsen includes telco (FiOS and U-Verse) homes in its reported wired cable penetration figures.

National ADS, Wired-Cable & Broadcast Only Household Penetration Trends

Local Trends

Broadcast television has the potential to reach 100% of television homes. A significant number of television households are missed if you're buying local cable because local cable commercials may not be seen in ADS homes, or the household has opted to be a broadcast only home. Many markets exceed the national ADS and Broadcast Only averages, and it is even more important for advertisers in these markets to consider these factors.

Top 10 ADS levels in markets 1-50

Television HH
DMA Rank DMA Name % ADS
48 Albuquerque-Santa Fe 51.0
45 Birmingham (Ann and Tusc) 46.8
37 Greenvll-Spart-Ashevll-And 46.6
12 Phoenix (Prescott) 45.7
20 Sacramnto-Stkton-Modesto 43.7
41 Oklahoma City 41.3
34 Salt Lake City 40.9
29 Nashville 39.0
40 Las Vegas 38.6
17 Denver 38.0


Top 10 Broadcast-Only levels in markets 1-50

Television HH
DMA Rank DMA Name % OTA
35 Milwaukee 26.6
48 Albuquerque-Santa Fe 24.8
33 Kansas City 23.5
12 Phoenix (Prescott) 22.8
5 Dallas-Ft. Worth 22.2
34 Salt Lake City 22.0
15 Minneapolis-St. Paul 21.8
41 Oklahoma City 21.7
8 Houston 20.2
36 Cincinnati 19.9


ADS, Wired-Cable & Broadcast Only Household Penetration by DMA

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