Nielsen Local Watch Report — Q4 2017

This edition of Nielsen’s Local Watch Report examines the over-the-top (OTT) trends in our cities and how they’re affecting the media landscape. With today’s streamer transcending a broad spectrum of geographies, generations and household types, streaming represents a unique opportunity to reach audiences in new ways that can drive incremental reach.

The average streaming adult aged 25-54 consumes two hours and 28 minutes of OTT content per day. In fact, in a typical day during November 2017, 93% of streamers watched traditional TV. Forty-seven percent of those streamers watched TV only, 46% were reached by a mix of traditional TV and streaming, and 7% streamed exclusively.

As of November 2017, over 65 million homes own an enabled device capable of streaming content to the TV. That’s a big number and it continues to grow. While 59% of U.S. homes are streaming enabled, the story varies by market. With “OTT-savvy” homes more likely to be in urban areas, mid-size markets are showing more growth.

Further evidence of TV’s stronghold reveals itself when examining streamer segments. Traditional programming shows impressive resilience in today’s digital age. Even the heaviest of streamers can’t seem to shake broadcast viewing. A true story in Nielsen data, reaffirming the powerful reach and relevance of local media in our daily lives.

Nielsen Local Watch Report – Q4 2017

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