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An Open Letter to Overextended Media Buyers and Planners

To our esteemed agency friends—a moment, please? When developing your media plan, you have many considerations that you will have to ruminate over—targeting, reach, frequency, positioning, messaging, flexibility, GRPs, continuity, and wearout, just to name a few. That’s on top of one of the more notable components—cost. Can you honestly say which one is the

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Mars Tweets! And Fans Respond, With Their Wallets

Now that Kristen Bell, Rob Thomas, and the entire Veronica Mars universe have learned just what a mobilized fanbase can do for a TV franchise, are we looking at the gestational period of a new world order of post-television crowdsourcing? This represents an evolution for “Save Our Show” campaigns – viewers are putting their money

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Messing with the (Day)Time/Space Continuum

Quick—name the show that delivered these W25-54 local market ratings during the November sweeps: 9.6, 9.2, 7.1, 6.9, 6.4. Big Bang Theory? NCIS? Walking Dead? No, no, and very no. The Young and the Restless. In Dayton, Baton Rouge, Jackson (MS), Greenville-N. Bern, and Myrtle Beach-Florence, respectively. That’s right – the soap isn’t as all

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We’ve Almost Always Gotten the Future Wrong – And That’s A Good Thing

Recently Yahoo! ran an article titled “Watch Walter Cronkite Tour a 21st-Century Home in 1967” which included three embedded videos of “the most trusted man in America” demonstrating what life would likely be in our homes of the future. It’s interesting viewing, to be sure. In broad strokes, you might recognize themes that we’ve met

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Broadcast vs. Cable: 5 Recent Truths


Now Even the Watercooler is Watching Television

It seems that “America’s Watercooler” – Twitter – has decided to put its money where its tweets are. The social media giant has purchased Bluefin Labs, a company that measures and analyzes social media mentions of television. That’s right – the watercooler is watching us. Television has always been a social experience, long before social

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YouTube – Or Is That CableTelevision.com?

So this seems very interesting. YouTube, the website synonymous with any online video, is looking to evolve. They know the facts – according to the latest numbers from Nielsen’s Cross-Platform Report, people only watch 52 minutes of online video per week versus 32 hours of television. If you’re the biggest player in a limited market,

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Marking TV’s “Cuban” Influence

Talk is cheap. Television networks are not. Mark Cuban, billionaire, is one of the rare few that can afford both. And he’s proven his affinity for each by recently speaking at NATPE, about many topics, among them his AXS TV network and his belief in the power of television in our society. At first blush,

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So Lance Admits Guilt on Cable, But Did Anyone See Him Fall?

So Lance, you’re a fallen American icon seeking some damage control and a way to rebuild your brand. But you have some harsh realities to face. You’ve been branded a cheat by most of the public. You need some soft focus and a gentle hand, hoping that the public can see you as a sympathetic

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Electing a President: When the Stakes are this High, Local Broadcast Television Delivers

At the end of the day – Election Day, that is – numbers matter. They matter very much. There are three numbers that matter for two men in particular, and thus for their beloved country. They are: 65,899,557, 51.1%, and 332. Total votes, percentage of the popular votes, and the Electoral College delegates. Those were

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