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CAMPAIGNS & ELECTIONS: Local Cable CPMs are High…and Hard to “Work Around”

Tim Kay from NCC took an interesting approach in his article in Campaigns & Elections‘ “The Case for Keeping Cable in Your Media Mix.” He kicked it off by quoting a political consultant who said “cable is too expensive and it doesn’t work.” I’d like to get that consultant’s name; we are always looking for

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POLITICO: Fact vs. Fiction: How Are You Really Going to Reach Voters?

Few political teams question local television’s ability to reach the right audience with the right message. TV is viewed as the most persuasive and effective ad medium — and viewers are spending more time watching TV than ever before. But, with the shifting media landscape, some now downplay the reach and influence of TV advertising.

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A Lesson in Marketing Targeting from the Obese and Overweight

TVB presented at the Marketing Disease Prevention and Awareness: Marketing to the Overweight American Conference September 28, 2011, in Washington, DC. The conference was attended by marketers, advertising people, clinicians, academics, government officials and the media. What was striking was the disconnect between the different constituencies. This underscored the importance of knowing who and where

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