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Free Airtime Means Agenda-Free Citizenship

If you were to ask someone to name three words that are most associated with the ideals of the United States of America, there’s probably a 100% chance that one of them will be “freedom”.  We live in a world where that word – and concept – are both in danger of losing significance due

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Connecting with Black History Month

Think about your memories of Martin Luther King Jr.’s inspiring speeches, Jackie Robinson’s record-breaking plays and, more recently, President Barack Obama’s inauguration…are they, in fact, your memories, or snippets of TV news, specials and documentaries that you’ve stored as memories?

How 39 Million Can Equal 1: Grammy’s Unifying Night

We’re now a week removed from the news of Whitney Houston’s death and the subsequent Grammy Awards broadcast that galvanized the experience. This clearly wasn’t something that would be on anyone’s media plan.  This quirky, macabre timing created an unexpected television event, where raw emotions would be on full display in what became a celebrity

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Oprah Moves to Cable – And Irrelevance

To some, cable represents reinvention. It also implies that you’re just always available. But too often, omnipresence leads to irrelevance. It happened to baseball, as the game used to produce fairly high ratings while it was still in the “Game of the Week” era, before you could pay for packages that would let you see

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Super Bowl XLVI – Six Screens to Glory

I’m a Giants fan. I also work in the media industry. But up until Saturday, it pains me to admit that I was part of the 30% of homes that still don’t have a HDTV. Now it was a moral imperative to experience the game in the best way possible, at least from my own

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POLITICO: Fact vs. Fiction: How Are You Really Going to Reach Voters?

Few political teams question local television’s ability to reach the right audience with the right message. TV is viewed as the most persuasive and effective ad medium — and viewers are spending more time watching TV than ever before. But, with the shifting media landscape, some now downplay the reach and influence of TV advertising.

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Delivering Real Playoff NFL: Numbers For Local

The NFL’s Conference Championship Games broadcasts brought in huge audiences across the country, delivering national viewing numbers that were the highest in decades. But it’s at the local level that the ratings truly hit the stratosphere. Nationally, the NFC Championship game had a staggering 23.5 A25-54 rating (“American Idol” usually averages around a 9.0 A25-54

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Innovation is “Business-as-Usual” at TV Stations

A visit to TVB.org’s Station Innovation quickly reveals that business is anything but “usual” at today’s television stations. Sure, stations remain committed to providing their communities with the staple of programming that viewers from Albany to Zanesville rely on – a robust line up of News, Sports, Drama, Comedy, Court, Reality, Animation and Talk. Viewers,

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Fit to be Untied: Come Home to Free TV

In last week’s “Wall Street Journal”, Kevin Sintumuang wrote what was in effect a “Dear John” letter to cable TV. It’s a pretty bold statement to make, Kevin – so publicly ending a relationship like that. But it sounds like it’s been over for a while now; you probably felt like you should get through

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Local Broadcast Television – A Designated Sales Driver?

It looks like America’s love affair with cars is heating up again. The news coming out of Detroit is that auto sales for 2011 are set to rise 10% over 2010 (“Kia, Chrysler, VW Set Pace as Dec. Sales Advance 9%”, Automotive News, Jan. 4, 2012, “Vehicle sales for 2011 near 13M units”, Detroit News,

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