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Primetime Across America

Now that we’re quickly approaching the new primetime television season, we thought it might be interesting to turn our typical “what shows are people watching in the local markets” analysis on its ear. Instead, how about we take a look at which markets shows are watching, so to speak. So here’s a quick look at

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NBC Affiliates Covered in Record Breaking Olympic Gold

Here it is, seventeen days after the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics, and we’ve learned a few things. We learned that badminton is at least as intense off the court as it is on court, we’ve learned who Jessie J is, and we may just have learned that viewers are always going to

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Global Champions, Homegrown Heroes

US Olympic Athletes Spur Local Television Viewing Every two years, we watch with pride as our young athletes compete against the world’s best contenders for Olympic glory. Perhaps because the essence of Olympic excellence – strength, courage, hard work – so closely echoes the tenets of our national character, Americans flock naturally to the media

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