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Campaign Finance Inform: Giving Voters What They Don’t Pay For

Now that Election 2012 has been handed off to the history books, it’s a good time to take stock of what broadcasters did to serve the American voting demographic. There will be a lot said about the tidal wave of political ads that aired during this election cycle, yet that is only the paid side

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Local Broadcast TV a Super Signal in the Super Storm

During the beginning of this month, it became eminently clear to millions of Americans in the Northeast that at least one part of the future can’t come soon enough. Hurricane Sandy was the latest example of how isolating a blackout can be – not just a power blackout, but an information one as well.  As

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Statement of TVB President and CEO Steve Lanzano on TV Station Digital Coverage of Hurricane and Nor’easter

NEW YORK — The TVB (www.tvb.org), the not-for-profit trade association of America’s commercial broadcast television industry today issued the following statement from Steve Lanzano, President and CEO of the TVB: “Following the devastating Hurricane event of last week, the New York TV DMA was hit with a significant Nor’easter causing a second bout of power

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“Watching cable news because you want to become better informed is like going to Olive Garden because you want to live in Italy.” – Andy Borowitz,  The New Yorker  

The Shining Bastion of Democracy in Action is… Television

This season, NBC’s The Voice has averaged nearly 11 million viewers per episode. Each episode of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars brings in over 12 million viewers. They’re among the highest-rated programs on Primetime TV for the season, a pattern that’s held for over a decade, since the first episode of American Idol took hold of American television and never let

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