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Tuning in Happiness: Why Broadcast Still Wins With Viewers

One month into the launch of the new fall season, some new network brands have begun entering the viewer mix.  Or have they?  While the industry pundits debate the relative merits of each new broadcast show on the schedule, several cable premieres have not-so-quietly entered the scene. The most notable is AMC’s The Walking Dead,

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Television’s Hierarchy of Needs

As an industry, we frequently talk about the complexity of today’s television ecosystem.  Nearly every aspect of television is complicated.  Multiple screens and thousands of content options have complicated the “what” and the “where”.  Behavioral targeting has complicated the “who” of viewing. Television has displaced time itself with time shifting and on-demand – and even

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Local Broadcast Television is in the Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Actually, who among us isn’t aware that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Pink is everywhere. If you watch football on Sundays, you’ll see that the NFL has done their marketing best with an all-out pink blitz, with everything from penalty flags, players’ gloves, down-and-distance CGI graphics, stadium signage, sideline

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