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Local Television Makes a Small Thanks-giving, Epic

Television does epic well. There’s no better medium for telling a big story or showing a big event. It’s got massive scale, made for Super Bowls, Academy Awards, and Presidential Inaugurations.

Yet it’s those smallest stories that grab our heartstrings the tightest.

The ones like those found on local broadcast television stations like WTVD in Raleigh/ Durham. In October, a woman called WTVD to share her story of a stranger’s kindness.

He’d seen the single mother struggling to manage her family while out to dinner one night.The fellow diner had watched how she handled her personal chaos and wrote her a letter praising her efforts, paid for their meal, added a gift card to the restaurant to boot, and left without further fanfare.

She doesn’t know who her mystery benefactor was, but she knew that this was a story of hope, family values, and humanity that needed to be shared with her community. She did what any of us would do – to tell her story to as many of her friends and neighbors as she could – she took it to her local TV station.

Let’s say that again – she called her local TV station. Sure, she probably posted it on Facebook and maybe tweeted it, but unless your name is George Takei, you’re probably going to only top out with a few hundred friends, max. Feel good stories like this need to reach everybody in a community, and for that, she knew that she needed local broadcast television.

Simple stories of kindness are powerfully local. They’re personal connections between people who may never interact again, but they underscore how connected we are to all of those around us, and to television. Local television amplifies those connections, providing a stage for those moments of humanity that might otherwise go unnoticed.

According to the recent “American Conversation” study, news-of-the-day topics, most often seen on local TV news programs, generated the most conversations per day – at 9. And consumers are 30% more likely to say that advertising on Local Broadcast Television News impacted their conversations about Products and Services more than advertising seen on Cable News.

Our communities thrive on local stories. Keeping the spotlight shining upon them is one of the happiest responsibilities of local television broadcasters.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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