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TV Viewers Spend Nearly 20% of Their Lives Watching TV

According to Nielsen’s latest Cross Platform Report, during the 3rd Quarter of 2011 American audiences spent 146 hours and 45 minutes watching traditional television.  If a viewer were to sit down and do that all at once, that would be over six solid days of doing nothing but watching television.  That’s with no sleep, no work, no bathroom breaks, nothing but television, 24/7.  Basically we’re talking about 20% of their time on the planet, just watching television.

Assuming that the average person works an 8 hour day and sleeps for another 8 hours, that TV time accounts for about 5 hours a day, this all leaves about 3 spare hours per day for everything else.

Even among screen-agnostic younger demos like Teens and young adults, traditional TV is a substantial part of their lives. Teens watch 109 hours of traditional TV per month, while Adults 18-24 watch nearly 114 hours per month.  Again, that’s 4 ½ and 4 ¾ days per month, respectively.

Shouldn’t we give them some time off to go shopping, too?

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