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Together Local TV and Auto Sales are a Well-Oiled Machine

The relationship between Americans and their cars is not only deep-seated, it’s also particularly local.  The dealerships aren’t national.  They are local businesses selling national products who are very well attuned to needs of their own local market. Customers proudly drive their new cars off the lots of their local dealerships and into their family’s

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NADA Presentation Preview

TVB President Steve Lanzano gives a quick video preview of the TVB’s presentation to the NADA, coming in February 2013. NADA_Video_5-10_2012-1

Local Broadcast Television – A Designated Sales Driver?

It looks like America’s love affair with cars is heating up again. The news coming out of Detroit is that auto sales for 2011 are set to rise 10% over 2010 (“Kia, Chrysler, VW Set Pace as Dec. Sales Advance 9%”, Automotive News, Jan. 4, 2012, “Vehicle sales for 2011 near 13M units”, Detroit News,

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2012 – A Big Year for Local Television

As we see the last of 2011 fall by the wayside, we at the TVB are enthusiastically looking forward to 2012, because it looks to be a banner year for Local Broadcast Television. Clearly, one of the most dominant stories that will play out all the way through November will be the upcoming elections. Unless

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See Spot Drive…Auto Sales

On 11/2/11, Spots n Dots reported “Sales Up 1.9%; Industry Up 8%” in their lead story on Automotive car sales in October. It was a modest, but positive, indicator for the Auto category. But… there is more to this story. During the course of 2011, varying economic conditions and natural disasters had a huge impact

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