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Let’s Get Local, Local…

Navigating local platforms – particularly hyper-local – can be daunting to a marketer with no natural roots in a community. Fortunately we’re long past the days of having to rely upon newspapers, Yellow Pages, and direct mail to deliver extremely local targeting. Today, local television broadcasters are much more than a single voice speaking to

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Local Broadcast TV a Super Signal in the Super Storm

During the beginning of this month, it became eminently clear to millions of Americans in the Northeast that at least one part of the future can’t come soon enough. Hurricane Sandy was the latest example of how isolating a blackout can be – not just a power blackout, but an information one as well.  As

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Mobilizing On-The-Go Moms

Moms are on the go, go, go…carpooling kids, working out of the home and shopping for their families and the holidays. In their roles as breadwinners and caregivers, it is estimated that moms will spend approximately $2.1 trillion in 2011 – up 24% since 1999. Add their “purchase influence” to that and it is easy

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