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An Open Letter to Overextended Media Buyers and Planners

To our esteemed agency friends—a moment, please? When developing your media plan, you have many considerations that you will have to ruminate over—targeting, reach, frequency, positioning, messaging, flexibility, GRPs, continuity, and wearout, just to name a few. That’s on top of one of the more notable components—cost. Can you honestly say which one is the

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Shattering Scatter

There’s some institutional lunacy that defines the national television buying marketplace. What other buyer/seller dynamic exists where if sellers set their demands too high for a buyer’s liking, the buyers walk away, only to come back to the same sellers later in the year— and usually will be paying more? When you think about it,

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The Pastry Economics of Television

Why There Should Be Room for 210 Spot Slices on Every Agency’s Diet Plan Everywhere you look these days you see someone who is trying to make their money work harder for them.  People are willing to cut more corners, take the longer road, settle for silver as long as it doesn’t cost as much

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