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NBC Affiliates Covered in Record Breaking Olympic Gold

Here it is, seventeen days after the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics, and we’ve learned a few things. We learned that badminton is at least as intense off the court as it is on court, we’ve learned who Jessie J is, and we may just have learned that viewers are always going to

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Cutting Down the Local Market Nets

Defining Local Passions Key to Ratings Success   The truth is “my old Kentucky home” should be a gymnasium. Because the people of Kentucky – at least the leading Nielsen representative of Kentucky viewing, Louisville – are about as rabid over college basketball as the people in Pittsburgh are for the NFL. It certainly helps

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Broadcast Answers the Bell for Delivering Sports to Men

They say that all you need to do is to put sports on TV and men will find it. Well, it’s not always quite that easy. In fact, lately it’s been the case that they find it quite a bit better on when it’s on broadcast television than when it airs on cable. During Major

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