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Nielsen’s Open-Ear Policy Isn’t Telling the Whole Picture

In Nielsen’s recently released “Cross Platform Report” for 3Q 2013, two things should jump out at you instantly: Nielsen wants to take a closer look at radio listening now that they’ve finalized their acquisition of Arbitron, as most of the text of the report spotlights radio; Despite their fresh focus upon radio, the data still

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It’s Time to Stop Shifting the Discussion about Local Time Shifting

In a piece that ran in The New York Times in early November, Bill Carter focused the Gray Lady’s intense media spotlight upon the convoluted time-shifting financial situation that’s plaguing the television networks, advertisers and programmers. The article brought up a variety of very strong points about the shifting nature of the nation’s consumer TV

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Live Plus Same Day: TVB’s Unshifting Position

by Steve Lanzano President and CEO, TVB Let’s say this commentary was posted yesterday, is it still of value to you today? What if you save it to read two or three days from now? Should your page view be counted? Of course your page view should be counted. In fact, it could be argued

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