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In a study that examines live TV viewing, Parks Associates says consumers who have never had pay TV -- so called “cord nevers” -- spend about one-third of their TV viewing time watching live content, primarily from over-the-air TV channels.
New cross-media analysis from Nielsen shows American women age 18+ spend more time with TV than any other medium.
Parks Associates unveiled a study that shows the percentage of U.S. broadband households that use digital antennas has steadily increased to reach 20%.
Macy's has some spring in its step this season as it pushes out a new TV campaign and tests a digital initiative on Instagram.
Amazon’s top TV shows drew more than 5 million people worldwide to its Prime shopping club by early 2017, according to company documents.
Pre-roll digital video advertising—one of the best video revenue generators—continues to work at a high level, especially for premium TV network content.
Citing the ongoing unbundling of cable TV packages in the coming years, The Diffusion Group predicts that all “major” TV networks will introduce OTT-powered, direct-to-consumer services by 2022.
YouTube TV, the live streaming service owned by Google, today officially changed its monthly price from $35 to $40.
With the 2018 edition of March Madness about to start, Kantar Media said that last year’s men’s college basketball tournament generated $1.285 billion in ad revenue.

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American Idol returned to broadcast television. Sunday’s opening telecast on ABC delivered a 5.9 hh rating nationally, with a 10.2 in Birmingham. Our featured market this week is Champaign and Springfield-Decatur, IL.
The core purpose of this report is to address three basic concepts equally applicable to all categories of media measurement: how many, how often, and how long.

Research Now study featuring the 2018 Bomb Cyclone and its impact on Boston, confirms local TV’s importance during dangerous weather conditions.

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“'All politics is local’ was a phrase made famous by the late Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neill, and today, all marketing is local.”—Lynne Tornabene, Director of Marketing, Mobile Advertising & CMO, Quattro Wireless
An industry work group dedicated to developing standards-based interfaces to accelerate automated ad transactions for local TV broadcasters and their media agency partners.

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