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Week 42: July 8-14, 2013

  • Nationally, Broadcast took 82 of the top 100 Adult 25-54 Total Day programs.
  • Under The Dome was the top program of the week with a 3.5 RA25-54. America’s Got Talent grabbed the next two spots with a 3.5 RA25-54 (Wed) and a 3.3 RA25-54 (Tue), while The Big Bang Theory (2.8 RA25-54) and MasterChef (2.7 RA25-54) round out the top 5. 
  • Cable’s highest rated program was TNT’s Sprint Cup Racing from Loudon coming in at #17 (1.9 RA25-54). VH-1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 2 was next, coming in at #27.
  • Programs of the Week: Big Brother-15 put three shows in the top 10 this week, including the Thursday “Live” telecast, the regular Wednesday telecast, and the Sunday encore telecast. Local LPM market deliveries were as high as 96% greater than the national A25-54 deliveries.  
  • Market of the Week: Of the 56 metered markets, some of the highest HH deliveries came from our market of the week, Columbus, OH. Wednesday’s Big Brother episode delivered a 10.1 HH Rating, and Thursday’s delivered an 8.2 HH Rating. Local News was also represented, grabbing the 4th and 5th spots in the top 10. 


Broadcast vs. Cable GRPs A25-54

Top 100 Programs
Broadcast TV = 139.2 GRPs
Cable Nets = 25.6 GRPs

Columbus, OH
Broadcast vs. Cable GRPs HH Rtg

Top 100 Programs
Broadcast Stations = 488.2 GRPs
Cable Nets = 45.2 GRPs

Weekly Top 10

S/O-S/O RA25-54

Under The Dome 3.5
America's Got Talent-Wed 3.5
America's Got Talent-Tue 3.3
The Big Bang Theory 2.8
MasterChef Wed 9P 2.7
Hell's Kitchen 2.6
MasterChef Wed 8P 2.6
Big Brother 15-Thu 2.5
Big Brother 15-Wed 2.5
Big Brother 15-Sun 2.5

Columbus, OH
Weekly Top 10
S/O-S/O HH Rtg

The Big Bang Theory 10.6
Jeopardy 10.2
Big Brother 15-Wed 10.1
10TV News at 11P 9.0
10TV News at 6P 8.9
CBS Evening News 8.9
NCIS 8.3
Under The Dome 8.2
Big Brother 15-Thu 8.2
Two & A Half Men 8.1

Big Brother-15 (Wed/8P)
Top 5 Markets

RA25-54 National Seattle
Dallas-Ft. Worth
2.5 4.9 4.5 4.5 3.9 3.5 3.5


Big Brother-15 (Thu/9P)
Top 5 Markets

RA25-54 National Pittsburgh
Dallas- Ft. Worth
St. Louis
Portland, OR
2.5 4.6 4.5 4.1 4.1 3.7

Weekly Top 100
Broadcast & Cable National Rankings

Adults 18-49

Adults 25-54

S/O-S/O = Sign-On to Sign-Off.
Source:  The Nielsen Company, Live + Same Day estimates, Top 10 programs = programming 5 min. or more.



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