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Week 48: August 19-25, 2013

  • Nationally, Broadcast took 83 of the top 100 Adults 25-54 Total Day programs.
  • Duck Dynasty on AEN was the top program for the week with a 4.9 RA25-54, down -8% from last week’s season premiere. The 2013 Video Music Awards on MTV were next with a 4.3 RA25-54, followed by CBS's Under The Dome (3.4 RA25-54), NBC’s NFL Preseason Game (3.2 RA25-54) and the Sunday edition of Big Brother 15 on CBS (3.1 RA25-54).
  • Programs of the Week: The 2013 NFL Season is set to kick-off Thursday, September 5th, and fans are tuning in to see the preseason action, especially in the home markets. There were 4 national preseason games on broadcast this past week:
    • Friday night’s game on CBS featured the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers. It delivered a 2.9 RA25-54 nationally, with a 13.3 RA25-54 in Seattle-Tacoma.
    • Saturday night’s game, also on CBS, featured the St. Louis Rams and the Denver Broncos. It delivered a 1.5 RA25-54 nationally, with a 12.4 RA25-54 in Denver.
    • Sunday afternoon’s game on FOX featured the New Orleans Saints and the Houston Texans. It delivered a 2.4 RA25-54 nationally, with a 12.9 RA25-54 in Houston.
    • Sunday night's game on NBC featured the Minnesota Vikings and the San Francisco 49ers. It delivered a 3.2 RA25-54 nationally, and a 13.0 RA25-54 in Minneapolis-St. Paul.
  • Market of the Week: The Seattle Seahawks game in Seattle-Tacoma delivered a 13.3 RA25-54, easily the top program for the week in the market. The Postgame was next with a 9.3 RA25-54, and the three episodes of Big Brother round out the top 5, with a 6.9 RA25-54 (Sun), 6.2 RA25-54 (Wed), and a 5.1 RA25-54 (Thu).


Broadcast vs. Cable GRPs A25-54

Top 100 Programs
Broadcast TV = 135.9 GRPs
Cable Nets = 32.6 GRPs

Broadcast vs. Cable GRPs A25-54

Top 100 Programs
Broadcast Stations = 180.9 GRPs
Cable Nets = 43.3 GRPs

Weekly Top 10

S/O-S/O A25-54

Duck Dynasty 4.9
2013 Video Music Awards 4.3
Under The Dome 3.4
NBC NFL Pre-Season Game 3.2
Big Brother 15-Sun 3.1
CBS NFL Pre-Season Game (Fri) 2.9
Big Brother 15-Wed 2.8
MasterChef Wed-9P 2.7
Big Brother 15-Thu 2.6
The Big Bang Theory 2.6

Weekly Top 10
S/O-S/O A25-54

CBS NFL Pre-Season Game (Fri) 13.3
Seahawks Postgame 9.3
Big Brother 15-Sun 6.9
Big Brother 15-Wed 6.2
Big Brother 15-Thu 5.1
Seahawks Pregame Show 4.4
America's Got Talent-Tue 4.3
NBC NFL Pre-Season Game 4.3
Under The Dome 4.3
Masterchef Wed-9P 3.4

CBS NFL Preseason Game 8/23/13 8P (Seattle vs. Green Bay)
Top 5 Markets

RA25-54 National Seattle
Portland, OR
Tampa-St Pete
2.9 13.3 4.2 4.2 3.9 3.3 3.3


CBS NFL Preseason Game 8/24/13 8P (St. Louis vs. Denver)
Top 5 Markets

RA25-54 National Denver
St. Louis
Minn-St. Paul
1.5 12.4 4.8 3.0 2.7 2.4 2.4


FOX NFL Preseason Game 8/25/13 4P (New Orleans vs. Houston)
Top 5 Markets

RA25-54 National Houston
Dallas-Ft Worth
Minn-St Paul
2.4 12.9 3.3 3.3 3.0 3.0


NBC NFL Preseason Game 8/25/13 8P (Minnesota vs. San Francisco)
Top 5 Markets

RA25-54 National Minn-St. Paul
San Francisco
3.2 13.0 9.9 6.2 5.2 4.3

Weekly Top 100
Broadcast & Cable National Rankings

Adults 18-49

Adults 25-54

S/O-S/O = Sign-On to Sign-Off.
Source:  The Nielsen Company, Live + Same Day estimates, Top 10 programs = programming 5 min. or more.



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