Local Live + Same Day Ratings

March, 2014 Analysis

In March 2014, Steve Lanzano, President and CEO of the TVB was quoted in a TVB press release stating “Season-to-date (October 2013 - January 2014) the Local Live-Plus-Same-Day (L+SD) data stream, at just -1% of C3, is on par with the national currency, while the industry’s current standard for Local TV (Live Only) is increasingly less accurate.  Live Only dropped to -26% below C3 in January 2014, and season-to-date, that data stream is already -18% below C3 - its lowest index to C3 (82), for that period, since 2010 (93),” said Lanzano.

Bill Fine, President and GM of WCVB-TV and TVB Chairman added, "The Live Only data stream has not been relevant, for years, in Local TV's time-shifting and screen-shifting world.  This latest data provides conclusive proof.  Local Broadcasters are actively providing viewers with high-demand news and entertainment video content on every screen and for every schedule.  For the cross-platform model to succeed for advertisers, agencies, research companies and broadcasters, every viewer has to be counted and valued.”

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Nielsen Data Analysis

A TVB analysis of the latest available Nielsen data (January 2014) revealed that Live +SD Primetime A25-54 Ratings were -9% below the C3 average across Nielsen’s Local Peoplemeter Markets.  This is the lowest performance of the L+SD stream relative to C3, and marks the 4th consecutive month in which the Live+SD data stream was at or below C3 - another indicator that time-shifted local viewing is growing.  On a season-to-date basis, this is  a significant event in that it marks the first time that the local Live+SD data stream has actually sunk below the C3 currency metric, in-line with a four-year, declining trend.  The chart below illustrates these changing relationships among A25-54 primetime viewers across all programming types and suggests that the full broadcast season will also likely finish below C3. 

Live AQH Now Under-Reports the C3 Audience More Than Live+SD AQH Over-Reports

Live AQH Now Under-Reports the C3 Audience More Than Live+SD AQH Over-Reports
Source: Nielsen Media Research. Primetime Daypart  (Mon-Sat 8-11p;Sun 7-11p). 25 LPM Markets, 5NET.  Live AQH, Live+SD AQH, Live+3 AQH, Live+7 AQH (Arianna).  C3, C7, Live AA, Live+SD AA, Live+3 AA, Live+7 AA (NPOWER cut back to 25 LPMs),  STD.

April, 2013 Analysis

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Measurement Data Verifies Local Live-Plus-Same-Day Television Ratings As Closest Representation Of Audience Viewing And National C3 Ratings

On April 18, 2013, a TVB press release quoted Steve Lanzano president and CEO of TVB: “Live + Same Day data is not only more accurate, it is the most logical and reasonable measure of local television viewing. It mirrors the 3-day time-shifted currency currently accepted by network advertisers and prepares local TV measurement to progress as the national currency advances to capture C7 and cross platform viewing.”

The NBC Affiliates Board chair Jordan Wertlieb, president Hearst television, responded with an NBC release stating: “With C3 data being unavailable in the local markets, it only makes sense to simplify the media-buying process by better relating local-TV audience data to the nationally accepted C3 ratings currency.”

ABC's Affiliate Board chair and VP, General Manager of PostNewsweek-owned WPLG-TV, David Boylan, issued an ABC release saying: “In this era of growing DVR penetration, VOD usage and screen-shifted viewing, it is essential that our industry have the most reliable and accurate local viewing data. The ABC Affiliate Board supports TVB’s assertion that local Live + Same Day data most closely approximates today’s national C3 data.”

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