Radio can provide high-targetability and niche advertising opportunities for specific products and services.  But with the rise of alternative technologies such as iTunes, MP3’s and online commercial-free music, more advertisers are supplementing radio buys with other media to achieve optimum reach and effectiveness. 

Key facts to consider when planning a radio buy:

  • Local broadcast can augment market reach for a radio buy that only covers the Metro area.
  • Including local broadcast can extend the hyper-niche targeting strategy of radio formats, through on-air program genres and online content.
  • Similar to radio, local TV stations offer community sponsorships and on-location broadcast opportunities to drive traffic to retail locations.
  • Radio is most effective for commercial messages that can achieve maximum impact with audio only.  Supplementing radio with a television campaign can drive maximum impact and improve recall when a radio spot is heard.
  • Broadcast offers a critical level of engagement that can be missed in a passive medium such as radio.  Many stations are listened to as background music, while television programming has a high level of audience attention. 



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