Advertisers can take advantage of the synergies between magazines and television that are relevant to target demographics, reach capabilities, and timing. Because TV is an intrusive and emotionally stimulating medium, it does well in producing awareness and driving attitudes about products and services. Like TV, magazines are a visual medium that can evoke engagement, but with the consideration of visual-only content, limited circulation, and lower audience frequency.

Key facts to consider when planning a magazine buy:

  • Magazine advertising is most effective for ads that have a longer shelf-life, as many readers are reached weeks/months after publication. Adding local broadcast to a magazine campaign can increase impact during product launches or new store openings, and create awareness for magazine features or couponing.
  • All consumer purchases are local. National magazines offer relatively few regional and local targeting opportunities without additional costly premiums. Local broadcast can maximize ROI by targeting only high-return BDI and CDI markets and eliminate waste in low-return markets.
  • Consumers are turning to online media as print consumption declines. Local TV station websites can offer the same genre-specific news, information and images with the added ability to stream on-air commercials engage local consumers through integrated campaigns.



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