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Research shows that local TV stations are the top local news source, the top choice to view breaking news, and the number one trusted news source. Recent news studies have been very positive about local news vs. other major news sources.

New Pew 2015 State of the News Media Study

Local television stations increased their news viewership in 2014. Very early morning news was the biggest growth area, with 4:30am newscasts growing 6% over the previous year.

Pew Research Center Local News Study

“Local news in a Digital Age” study found major advantages for local news:

  1. Nine in ten people say they follow local news closely – and about half do so “very closely.”
  2. The #1 source for local news in the three markets studied was local TV news.
  3. On-air programming is far more of a draw than TV websites.


TVB’s Media Comparison Study 2015

Local broadcast television is the #1 trusted source for news according to adults surveyed by GfK for this study.

Local  Broadcast Television News:
#1 For Trust

Local Broadcast TV News: #1 For Trust
Source: TVB Media Comparisons Study December, 2014. Gfk Custom Research North America Survey.
Base =  Persons 18-64. Agree Strongly or Agree Somewhat.

TVB Members: visit the member site Research section to view the Media Comparisons 2015 Study.

Hearst Television Study on Local TV News

The study revealed:

  • 73% of adults agreed that watching Local Television News is an essential part of their lives.
  • Nearly 50% of Women 25-54 have researched advertisers further after seeing their ads on local television news.
  • 39% have looked for reviews of the product or service.

Sources: Pew Research Center 3/5/15, TVB Media Comparisons Study 2015, GfK Custom Research, 12/14, Hearst Television and GfK 6/14.



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