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Network Cable Reach & Frequency Analysis

Is there any business that specializes in chasing after non-existent customers? If you routinely invest in a deep national cable buy, that’s exactly what you may be doing.

TVB recently analyzed data from actual advertiser brand schedules to examine reach, frequency, effective reach, and costs of relying extensively upon cable to deliver an efficient media buy. What we found was enlightening.

Cable impressions plateau very quickly, entering the point of diminishing returns with only a small number of networks on a typical schedule - because of the 81 cable networks that Nielsen measures, there are only four that deliver an average A25-54 rating of 1.0. Most Cable networks deliver a rating below a 0.5.

We invite you to contact Hadassa Gerber, Chief Research Officer, for more information about the TVB analysis, “Decoding Network Cable: A Reach & Frequency Analysis.”

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